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Found 2 results

  1. I am having an issue with my game. After install it worked perfectly fine. But now when I log on as soon as I see the "connecting" text when loading to the lobby, all sound will completely stop. And as soon as i walk into pioneer 2 the framerate drops immensely. Its a very consistent drop though. Its not choppy its just like I'm running in slow motion. I hadn't changed any settings prior to this happening, but after it happened I checked the forums and have messed with settings, reinstalled the game, restarted pc. Nothing seems to work. I even checked to see if there was anything eating up ram and nope. When the game is running I'm at less than 20% usage. As far as I can tell theres no third party app interferring(I have had issue with that in the past and learned how to fix it). Does anyone know any other reason this may be happening?
  2. I installed psobb on both my computers and my friends computer. We were playing together and his sound suddenly cut out. He tried playing with his speakers, closing/reopening the client, and restarting the computer, all to no avail. Then, after playing for a while with no sound, his keyboard stopped working. Theres no issues with his computer (hardware, drivers, settings, etc). Anyone with any ideas would be much appreciated, since i cant find anything similar anywhere else.
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