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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys so awhile back I made my first character like 4 years ago and quit for awhile but not knowing anything about section IDs he was a viridia I just recently found this was the worse thing EVERRRRR I would love for 1 of your coders or something to make viridia not complete shit. You might think I'm over reacting but how would you feel if you have 60 hours on 1 account and just find out that viridia has no good drops at all, go check the drop charts look for yourself, I'm still I denial , thanks It seems like only redria, greenill, and whitill are th only good Section IDs
  2. Es un breve error... Sucede que en la tabla de Drops del servidor sale lo siguiente: Episodio 4 --- ID: Redria --- Difucultad: Ultimate Merissa A ---- Drop: Flamberge Merissa AA -- Drop:Congeal Cloak Pero al momento hoy de estar jugando en Ep4, en esa dificultad, la Merissa A me dio Striker Plus y la Merissa AA me boto ahi si la Flamberge... tal vez sea error o que no se ha actualizado la tabla... Solo queria informar eso...
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