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  1. Alas, the old saying is true; “All good things must come to and end.” I suppose if they didn’t, we may never truly appreciate anything. Because you can’t enjoy the sunny days without some rainy ones. And unfortunately there must be both. I want each of you reading this to know that I have enjoyed every single day I’ve spent on this server and with its community. Thank you to my team who has always pushed me to be my very best. To every customer at the shoppe ran with my brother - We hope the items serve you well and it was our pleasure doing business with you. And we wish each and every single player the very best! I will be leaving on Wednesday. I’ve got some big plans on the horizon. And I will need to see them through to the end. But I just wanted to say that I am truly grateful for every single run or game I’ve been a part of. From the x5 exp seemligly endless CCA grinding, to the TTF farming that eventually ended in a server-first drop of two Red Rings at the same time. I will forever hold these moments most dear to my heart. Thank you all and best of luck! 112 ok PS: I will be returning from vacation on Sunday so I’ll be back soon
  2. I want to thank everyone for all this game time, I loved the experience, the events, the new items I did not know yet. by all those who played with me and had fun and laughed with me and helped me to evolve in the game. I can not dedicate myself to the game as before, because I do not know when to stop playing and I end up having no social life at all. my main goal in the game was to have the most valuable item in the game, pgf, I would not use it, just wanted to drop one. but as I walk without time it will be impossible for me to attain it. I want to thank all the gms for giving me a second chance after having passed some rules and being patient with me, because I am very annoying sometimes because I like everything well explained when I am not aware of something. a hug to all of Evil Empire my team that welcomed me and helped all this time. I will donate my things here sometime when I have time. are very good items. has pds, dts, RR Max, and many others that I will not quote here for the text does not get too big. Sorry, my english is bad, I do not speak English :p Good bye.
  3. I don't even know how to start a topic like this.. I guess I should begin with who I am. Hi my name is ZombieTheGreat0 and my ign is Roxas. I've been a long time player all the way back to the GameCube. I put around 1000+ hours into it before I just abruptly stopped. 8 years later, I found that there are private PSO networks where you can play with people. As soon as I saw it, I jumped at the opportunity to enjoy my childhood game once again. Just like when I first started, I was swept away for hours on end. I was so enthrilled to be in the world of PSO again. Eventually I met someone named Raze. I didn't know what to think of Raze at the time. Yet overtime, I grew to look up to him. He was an excellent example of the community. He was kind, gracious, generous, and a all around amazing friend. I don't know if Raze thought of me as much of a friend to be honest. Knowing my self far to well, I thought I would mess up horribly. But I guess he was a friend since he stuck by whenever I needed help, helped me farm for powerful gear, gave me gear as well. But just like last time, I suddenly stopped. Sadly, it wasn't because I grew board of my childhood game. Lots of my irl friends left me, I was diagnosed with depression, and even started cutting myself after a few months. In time, I made many new friends and luckily my life started turning around for the better. During all the depression, anxiety, fear, and rejection, I played from time to time on PSO. It definitely helped playing a game with a dedicated and kind community. I guess what i'm trying to say is people don't realize how big of an impact they have in other people's lives. Whether your just a friend keeping in touch or someone you talk with on a regular basis. All of you amazing people, I have but one thing to say. Thank you. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for being generous. Thank you for being you.. Even though i'm saying goodbye, I am so happy to have these memories of my friends. I know I won't be remembered once I leave. But I did want everyone to know i'm thankful. Goodbye... And Thank You...
  4. Well it has been an interesting time. From the time i spent previously and the time i've spent this time around, I have enjoyed someone wonderful people. I will be missing a few people from a far, Slasher, Jenkins, Anya, Isis, and Krionus to name a few. It pains me to say that my time on Ultima is coming to an end but i believe its for the best. I have dealt with some truly annoying people that have pised me off here and there but hey you ill deal with that in any game, so for those have have seen me pissed off, pissed me off, or have been pissed off by me, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. To the GM's i say this: While some of your have also pissed me off, in hind sight I can clearly see that I have over reacted to a few situations and quite frankly i was only pissed because I wasn't getting my way or because I didnt like something you did and said. It wasn't my place to care, nor was it my place to try and dictate things. Lemon, im sorry that when you met me it was on bad terms and you felt the need to take action. Soly you were always my favorite of all the GMs I will truly miss you, but fear not, If you ever need me"Follow the Kuda" To everyone else I say goodbye and good luck, may our paths cross in another life or another galaxy. On a side note: I wanted nothing more but to snap on everyone and piss alot of people off, but ofc after talking with some friends, and thinking before I acted, I calmed down and decide to go out with a good strong beat. FOLLOW THE KUDA A GOD HAS FALLEN AND A GOD WILL RISE IN ANOTHER LIFE.
  5. Hello guys I just want to talk about a few important things here before I quit such as who I have met and my experience to this server etc, since This will be my last Message... The reason why I am Quitting is because... the PVP sucks on this game real and truly and as you guys know I am more the PVP action type of player I do wish they could improve the system of PVP Battles on PSOBB but *Sigh*. To be honest I shouldn't have even told you guys the reason since you will not understand. Anyway now for the important bit as for my Team MASS-Ultima I have come to a conclusion and decided to assign ExOh as the NEW Team Leader of MU (I have Faith in your leadership skills, take good care of them...) Furthermore he will become the next generation MASSBLADE with all of my 90%hit Weapons including Sonic Team Armour and MAX-RR and all my units etc, etc, as for anyone who stands in his way just remember... "Those who stand in the way of MASS-Virtue shall fail" However there are a few people here on this server who have made my experience playing PSO really great for me and there are many but there is one person who has changed me throughout this game whilst playing and that person is... Sylph Some people on this server do not understand his insights and how much of a great role model he is when I 1st started this game he was the one I looked up to at 1st due to having GREAT! Battle Mode skills which I love about him he really deserves more credit for what he does and his actions. I wish there were more Battle Mode fans out there on this server (I also respect Shoutgu for this). Also as for Cyane & Midori These two players I love very much with all my heart and wish I could play with them some more since they made me a very happy player and always looking forward to logging on the game to see them <3. Now as for the Administrator Larva himself I do apologize but I have nothing here left for me, I do hope my donations have provided you well in the past and you run a GREAT! server. Best out of all the other PSOBB servers by far dude so keep it up. Whereas for Kajex thank you for giving me such a awesome GM-to-Player Relationship you were my favorite GM and I admit it proudly, which I have never experienced in any MMORPG before so I thank you for that mate. Now lastly ExOh reply to the PM when you are online so I can give you the Ultimate Items & Team Master Promotion. ALL Hail MASS-Ultima! Farewell to all... & Happy Hunting!
  6. With school and sports for me starting soon. I wont be on alot so about 1 hour a day at most but either way. I am going to leave this game for awhile of some reasons personaly and family related. I'll TRY checking forums dayly but i wont be on alot. besides know one would bother to like or talk to me from my trades and i really didnt do anythinig wrong but guess people in this world just dont like me... so im saying goodbye for now and hopefully 1 day once they stop playing or wont remember me. that may be the day i return. like to say bye to my team, the RedTemplers and all the people that backed me up or even help me out. i am truely sorry about the past but things wont ever change. Good Bye
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