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  1. Delsaber Event Lottery Time Attack (DELTA) ~ Reward list in the Lottery ~ Parasitic Gene "Flow" (1st place only) HUNDRED SOULS [30/0/40/0|70] (1st to 2nd place) BLACK KING BAR +80 [0/100/100/0|80] (1st to 2nd place) ZANBA +38 [0/0/0/30|60] (1st to 2nd place) STEALTH SWORD [0/35/0/0|60] (1st to 2nd place) BANANA CANNON [35/0/45/0|30] (1st to 3rd place) SEALED J-SWORD [0/0/0/0|0] (1st to 3rd place) Centurion/Battle (1st to 3rd place) VIRIDIA CARD [0/25/0/0|35] (1st to 5th place) GLIDE DIVINE V.00 [0/0/35/30|45] (1st to 5th place) BLOOD TORNADO [0/45/0/0|55] (4th to 6th place) Raygun [0/50/50/0|50] [Demon's] (4th to 6th place) Tellusis [Yellow] [5/117/78/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Pilla] CHAIN SAWD [40/25/0/0|45] (4th to 6th place) HYLIAN SHIELD (3rd to 6th place) Magic Rock "Heart Key" (3rd to 6th place) Harmonic Resonance Core (3rd to 6th place) Proof of Sonic Team (3rd to 6th place) v502 (6th to 9th place) v801 (6th to 9th place) How to play the lottery ? Solo the quest War of Limit 4 in Ultimate and record your run. Participants will be evaluated on time. So best time get first place. Restrictions : all participants must use 2 Limiters (show your stuff before starting the run). Sonic Team Armor and dark weapons are not allowed. No heal allowed until the camera gets weird (but you can use Gush weapons and the healing ring). To make things fair, if someone post a better time on the last day of the event, participants will get an extra 24 hours to respond and do better. Ask your questions on this Topic. Have fun :{
  2. If there is no price, then it's 50 000 mesetas because am broke ! (Or I forgot to set a price because this list is damn long xD) Calibur [0/0/50/50|30] [Hell] = 1pd or free if I like your hair CROSS SCAR [0/0/30/0|20] VJAYA [0/0/35/0|30] = 20 pd GAE BOLG [0/0/0/0|45] = 1pd Diska [50/50/0/0|30] [Demon's] = 2pd Diska +10 [0/15/0/0|45] [Charge] = 2pd DISKA OF BRAVEMAN [0/0/40/0|35] = 6pd DISKA OF BRAVEMAN [0/0/0/30|30] = 5pd IZMAELA [0/0/0/0|0] CUSTOM RAY ver.OO [25/20/20/0|0] BRAVACE [0/0/45/0|25] JUSTY-23ST [40/0/45/0|35] Vulcan +9 [60/0/0/40|45] [Berserk] = 9 pd L&K14 COMBAT [0/35/0/0|25] Charge Arms [0/0/0/25|0] SPECIAL EDITION = 5 pd for fun CLUB OF LACONIUM [0/0/0/20|0] MACE OF ADAMAN [0/0/0/20|0] CLUB OF ZUMIURAN [20/0/25/0|0] LOLLIPOP [0/0/0/0|0] BRAVE HAMMER [10/0/5/0|0] ALIVE AQHU [15/30/0/0|0] EARTH WAND BROWNIE [0/40/0/30|0] = 3pd SILENCE CLAW [0/40/0/50|0] STAG CUTLERY [0/0/35/55|0] TWIN BRAND [0/0/35/45|0] ANGRY FIST [0/0/25/0|35] = 1pd SONIC KNUCKLE [0/30/30/0|0] HEAVEN PUNISHER [20/0/0/0|0] = 5 pd VICTOR AXE [0/35/0/0|40] CHAIN SAWD [0/0/0/35|0] = 1pd CADUCEUS [25/15/10/0|0] SUPPRESSED GUN [25/0/30/0|0] = 1pd HARISEN BATTLE FAN [0/30/35/25|0] YAMIGARASU [25/0/0/0|0] ELYSION [0/20/0/25|0] RED SABER [30/25/0/0|30] = 1pd MONKEY KING BAR [0/0/0/45|0] = 1 pd HUGE BATTLE FAN [0/0/0/0|0] RED SWORD [35/20/25/0|0] = 2pd CRAZY TUNE [35/30/0/0|0] CRAZY TUNE [0/0/30/25|0] CRAZY TUNE [0/0/0/40|30] = 5 pd WOK OF AKIKO'S SHOP [0/0/0/0|0] RED PARTISAN [15/0/0/25|30] = 10pd FLIGHT CUTTER [0/0/35/0|0] RED HANDGUN [0/20/0/0|30] = 2pd ROCKET PUNCH [0/0/0/0|0] RABBIT WAND [0/15/25/0|35] RABBIT WAND [25/0/0/0|30] THE SIGH OF A GOD [15/0/0/0|0] MARINA'S BAG [0/0/0/0|0] PANTHER'S CLAW [0/0/0/0|0] PANTHER'S CLAW [0/0/0/0|0] BRANCH OF PAKUPAKU [0/0/5/0|0] HEART OF POUMN [25/0/0/35|0] GAME MAGAZNE [0/0/0/0|0] SANGE [0/0/0/0|40] = 1pd GUILTY LIGHT [0/0/35/0|45] MAHU [0/40/0/0|40] FLOWEN'S SWORD (3064) [20/0/0/0|20] DB'S SABER (3067) [0/0/0/0|0] ZANBACON +1 [69/0/0/69|69] = 5 pd ZANBACON [25/0/0/0|0] AMORE ROSE [0/0/0/0|0] RAGE DE FEU [40/0/0/45|0] = 2 pd DAISY CHAIN [0/0/50/0|0] = 2 pd COMMANDER BLADE [0/0/0/0|0] GUREN [0/0/55/45|0] = 2 pd FLAMBERGE [0/0/30/25|0] MURASAME [0/0/0/35|0] ULTIMA REAPER [35/0/0/40|0] = 9 pd SYRINGE [0/20/0/0|0] GREAT BOUQUET [0/35/30/0|0] D-PARTS ver2.10 [Slots: 4] [DEF: 0/EVP: 5] =1 pd GRAVITON PLATE [Slots: 0] [DEF: 6/EVP: 0] DB'S ARMOR [Slots: 0] [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] AURA FIELD [Slots: 4] [DEF: 35/EVP: 2] = 2 pd SACRED CLOTH [Slots: 0] [DEF: 3/EVP: 7] STAR CUIRASS [Slots: 4] [DEF: 1/EVP: 0] BLACK HOUND CUIRASS [Slots: 4] [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] = 1 pd MORNING PRAYER [Slots: 3] [DEF: 8/EVP: 10] BLUE ODOSHI VIOLET NIMAIDOU [Slots: 0] [DEF: 1/EVP: 4] = 1pd RED COAT [Slots: 0] [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] TEMPEST CLOAK [Slots: 0] [DEF: 3/EVP: 0] CURSED CLOAK [Slots: 3] [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] SELECT CLOAK [Slots: 4] [DEF: 6/EVP: 7] ALLIANCE UNIFORM [Slots: 2] [DEF: 12/EVP: 0] COMMANDER UNIFORM [Slots: 4] [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] CRIMSON COAT [Slots: 2] [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] LIEUTENANT GEAR [Slots: 0] [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] FLOWEN'S SHIELD [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] CUSTOM BARRIER ver.OO [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] DB'S SHIELD [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] STANDSTILL SHIELD [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] BLUE RING [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] BLACK RING [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] STRIKER PLUS [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] YATA MIRROR [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] Perfect/Resist HP/Revival Devil/Technique = 1 pd Cure/Poison Cure/Slow = 1 pd Cure/Confuse = 1 pd Cure/Freeze = 1 pd Cure/Shock = 1 pd V101 = 5 pd V501 Heavenly/Battle Heavenly/Mind Heavenly/Mind Heavenly/Mind Heavenly/Mind Heavenly/Body = 1 pd Heavenly/Body = 1 pd Heavenly/Luck Centurion/Ability = 5 pd Centurion/Ability = 5 pd PB/Increase PB/Increase Abuelita/Battle ROBOCHAO [Black] [5/125/70/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Estilla | Pilla] Tech Jellen Lv: 4 Tech Deband Lv: 15 Tech Jellen Lv: 15 Tech Zalure Lv: 15 Tech Deband Lv: 20 = 1pd Tech Rafoie Lv: 20 = 1pd Tech Rafoie Lv: 20 = 1pd Tech Razonde Lv: 20 = 1pd Tech Barta Lv: 20 = 1pd Tech Rafoie Lv: 20 = 1pd Tech Barta Lv: 20 = 1pd Tech Shifta Lv: 28 = 1pd Tech Deband Lv: 28 = 1pd Tech Zonde Lv: 29 = 1pd Tech Foie Lv: 29 = 1 pd Tech Rabarta Lv: 29 = 1pd Tech Foie Lv: 29 = 1pd Tech Jellen Lv: 29 = 1pd Tech Resta Lv: 30 = 1pd Trigrinder x74 = 12 pds Mind Material x28 = 3 pd Evade Material x70 = 4 pd Def Material x12 Hildeblue's Head x7 Sinow Berill's Arms x10 Magic Stone "Iritista" = 1 pd Star Amplifier = 1 pd Parts of EGG BLASTER x2 Another bank Calibur +1 [0/0/40/50|45] [Berserk] = 1pd LAST SURVIVOR [0/0/0/25|30] = 1pd DRAGON SLAYER [0/0/0/50|35] DRAGON SLAYER [0/60/0/0|35] Ripper [0/50/50/0|30] [Gush] Ripper [0/50/0/50|50] [Blizzard] VJAYA [0/35/35/35|0] = 3pd VJAYA [0/20/0/0|25] = 10pd GAE BOLG [30/0/0/30|35] = 1pd ASTERON BELT [0/0/15/15|0] Diska [0/50/50/0|30] [Chaos] = 1pd Diska [50/0/50/0|30] [Arrest] = 2pd DISKA OF BRAVEMAN [0/35/0/65|0] = 1pd DISKA OF BRAVEMAN [0/0/0/0|40] = 2pd Raygun +15 [0/0/0/35|45] [Charge] = 5pd Vulcan +3 [85/0/0/0|0] [Seize] L&K14 COMBAT [0/40/0/0|40] Arms +3 [0/0/0/40|50] [Demon's] = 20 pd CLUB OF ZUMIURAN [45/0/0/45|0] BATTLE VERGE [0/0/0/0|0] ALIVE AQHU [0/0/0/0|0] VALKYRIE [0/35/0/0|0] = 2pd Scepter [50/50/0/0|30] [Demon's] PHOTON CLAW [0/30/0/0|0] SILENCE CLAW [0/0/0/65|0] = 1pd PHOENIX CLAW [0/0/0/0|0] STAG CUTLERY [0/40/0/45|35] = 1pd ANGRY FIST [40/0/25/0|45] = 3pd AGITO (1975) [0/0/0/0|0] AGITO (1983) [0/0/0/0|0] AGITO (2001) [0/0/0/0|0] AGITO (1991) [0/0/0/0|0] AGITO (1997) [0/0/0/0|0] AGITO (1980) [0/0/0/0|0] SOUL BANISH [0/0/0/30|0] SOUL BANISH [40/0/0/0|0] SOUL BANISH [0/40/0/0|0] INFERNO BAZOOKA [25/0/0/0|0] LAVIS CANNON [0/30/0/0|0] CHAIN SAWD [0/25/20/0|0] CADUCEUS [0/0/25/15|0] STING TIP [0/0/0/0|0] ANCIENT SABER [0/0/0/0|0] RED SABER [30/0/15/0|35] = 2pd METEOR CUDGEL [35/0/0/35|0] RED SWORD [35/0/35/0|0] = 2pd RED SWORD [0/35/0/30|0] = 2pd CRAZY TUNE [0/35/0/0|0] MADAM'S UMBRELLA [0/0/40/0|0] =5pd RED PARTISAN [35/0/30/0|15] = 1pd RED MECHGUN [25/0/0/35|0] WINDMILL [0/25/25/0|0] HEART OF POUMN [20/0/0/0|0] YAMATO [20/0/0/0|0] ASUKA [0/50/0/0|0] = 1pd ASUKA [0/0/45/25|0] = 1pd ASUKA [45/0/35/0|0] = 1pd SANGE [0/35/0/0|45] = 3pd SANGE [0/40/0/0|35] = 2pd GUILTY LIGHT [0/10/0/25|0] RED SCORPIO [25/0/20/0|0] MORNING GLORY [35/20/0/0|0] PARTISAN of LIGHTNING [0/30/30/0|0] RIKA'S CLAW [0/0/0/30|0] = 1pd RIKA'S CLAW [0/0/40/35|0] = 2pd DEMOLITION COMET [0/25/25/30|0] RUBY BULLET [30/0/25/0|0] SLICER OF FANATIC [35/0/0/0|0] = 2pd STEALTH SWORD [0/50/45/0|0] = 5pd STEALTH SWORD [45/0/0/30|0] = 5pd VIVIENNE [0/0/0/45|35] = 1pd SACRED DUSTER [0/35/0/30|0] GUREN [0/0/0/0|0] FLAPJACK FLAPPER [35/0/0/40|45] = 2pd (collector !) FLAPJACK FLAPPER [0/0/0/40|40] = 2pd D-PARTS ver1.01 [Slots: 0] [DEF: 4/EVP: 3] = 1pd SENSE PLATE [Slots: 1] [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] DB'S ARMOR [Slots: 0] [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] STAR CUIRASS [Slots: 0] [DEF: 0/EVP: 0]= 1pd MORNING PRAYER [Slots: 0] [DEF: 9/EVP: 9] BLACK ODOSHI DOMARU [Slots: 2] [DEF: 3/EVP: 7] SELECT CLOAK [Slots: 0] [DEF: 8/EVP: 7] REVIVAL CURIASS [Slots: 4] [DEF: 3/EVP: 10] ALLIANCE UNIFORM [Slots: 1] [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] OFFICER UNIFORM [Slots: 0] [DEF: 13/EVP: 0] CRIMSON COAT [Slots: 2] [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] LIEUTENANT GEAR [Slots: 0] [DEF: 13/EVP: 2] REGENERATE GEAR [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] FLOWEN'S SHIELD [DEF: 0/EVP: 0]= 1pd BLUE RING [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] = 1pd Perfect/Resist HP/Revival HP/Revival Cure/Confuse = 1pd Cure/Shock = 1pd V501 Heavenly/Body = 1pd Heavenly/Body = 1pd Trap Search = 15 pd Tech Foie Lv: 20 = 1pd Tech Gizonde Lv: 20 = 1pd Tech Resta Lv: 20 = 1pd Tech Gifoie Lv: 20 = 1pd Tech Resta Lv: 20 = 1pd Tech Gizonde Lv: 20 = 1pd Tech Shifta Lv: 28 = 1pd Tech Gibarta Lv: 29 = 1pd Tech Foie Lv: 29 = 1pd Tech Gibarta Lv: 29 = 1pd Tech Jellen Lv: 29 = 1pd Tech Foie Lv: 29 = 1pd Tech Barta Lv: 29 = 1pd Tech Zonde Lv: 29 = 1pd Tech Zonde Lv: 29 = 1pd Tech Rabarta Lv: 29 = 1pd Tech Foie Lv: 29 = 1pd Tech Foie Lv: 29 = 1pd Tech Foie Lv: 29 = 1pd Tech Resta Lv: 30 = 1pd Tech Jellen Lv: 30 = 3pd Cell of MAG 502 Cell of MAG 213 Heart of Opa Opa Heart of Chao x2 S-beat's Arms x2 Delsaber's Right Arm x2 Delsaber's Left Arm x5 Dragon's Claw x14 = 10pd/each (am starting a collection, but shuuut) Hildebear's Head Hildeblue's Head x3 Gi Gue's body Sinow Berill's Arms x15 Booma's Right Arm x3 Gobooma's Right Arm Gigobooma's Right Arm Rappy's Wing x5 Heart of Angel x2 = 1pd/each Heart of Devil x2 = 1pd/each Kit of Hamburger x7 = 0.01pd/each Panther's Spirit = 1 pd Kit of MARK3 x4 = 1pd/each Kit of MASTER SYSTEM x4 = 1pd/each Kit of GENESIS x3 Kit of SEGA SATURN x6 Kit of DREAMCAST x2 = 1pd/each Amplifier of Rafoie = 2pd Tablet x4 = 0.5 pd/each Heaven Striker Coat = 1pd Heart of Morolian x2 Rappy's Beak Ashura Mag Cell = 2pd
  3. Hum, so was just running some mini event in a room, the purpose was clear : I asked people to kill me. Also, it was of course a battle mode room so it was quite obvious what the purpose of this room was, kind of. Now, here is what happen when people don't talk the same language ^^ According to GT, It seems like I was quite insulted, not that I care to be honest, people do that without even thinking nowadays. What's freaking me out is how people can be so lunatic, like "You bastard ! (polite translation of what's going on in this log) Tell me what's going on here. Do you trade Heaven Striker ? Now I just want to say to those people that can't understand each other : don't get mad for nothing ^^ If you can't understand and don't even want to try to understand, just leave the room please. It's not worth both our time. Could some translate that for me in Portuguese ? I'd be thankful ! "Sorry, I don't understand Portuguese, can you speak english ?" (GT says "Desculpe, não entendo português, você pode falar inglês?", but am sure it's a mess of words) "Seems like we can't understand each other, can you please leave the room ?" (GT "Parece que não podemos nos entender, pode deixar a sala?") Or some helpful sentence like that.
  4. Selling my beloved Daylight Scar [95/0/35/0|60], please offer more than 40 DTs I also accept the following as payment : Photon Sphere Photon Drop Chromatic Orb Thanks Have a nice day PS : Do hesitate to ask me for any question that would arise
  5. Living Pinata Ending the 26/03/2017 Steps : Post on this topic to register Browse your bank and get 4-5 of your most stupid/funny weapons. Free 30 minutes of your time to play the event What are we going to do exactly ? I will assign you a playmate randomly I will take you both for a walk into a random room (ep1, ep2 or ep4 depending on my mood) I will tank the monster and do nothing but watch and give the turn When it's your turn, you will draw a weapon a strike the monster once Then it will be your playmate turn, and he will do the same : one strike The first to kill the monster lose the round Rince and repeat for up to five monsters. The final winner is the one getting the most points* Rules : You can only use stupid/funny weapons. Your level, armor, units, shield and mag doesn't matter. Force are allowed to use zalure once per monster (not counted as a strike, it's a plus) Cast are allowed to use damage trap once per monster (not counted as a strike, it's a plus) Non cast Hunters are allowed to strike once weaponless (not counted as a strike, it's a plus) Non cast Rangers are allowed to *ongoing* (not counted as a strike, it's a plus) You cannot use twice the same weapon between 3 turns If you miss your attack, you have to change your weapon and strike the monster twice instead. If you miss the two strikes you lose. Score system : 1 monster killed by your playmate = 3 points for you Then you get extra points (can be negative though) depending on how much attacks you both used to kill the monster : 1 - 2 attacks = +2 points 3 - 4 attacks = +1 point 5 - 6 attacks = +0 point 7 - 8 attacks = -1 point 9 or more attacks = -2 points If the rules lost you, here is a nutshell : You have to try to not kill the monster before your playmate does. Also, the less you had to attack the monster, the better your score will be. So trying to deal as few damage as possible, or dealing just enough so that your playmate have no choice but to kill the poor beast... /!\ In the case you deal exactly 0 damage with a weapon, I reserve the right to prohibit the use of this weapon. Prizes : Allowed weapons : FAQ :
  6. Those three items are in auction, it will end the 21 of December. Proof Of Sonic Team : starting bid 10 DTs => CHB (8 PTs + 32 PDs) @252psycho Psycho Black Crystal : starting bid 10 DTs => CHB 15 DTS @GoPikachu HOLY RAY [35/0/0/0|45] : starting bid 15 pd => CHB 25 PDs @Night The following items are for sell : LAME D'ARGENT [25/0/25/0|0] (0 kill) : 2 PD Trap/Search : 4 PD Centurion/Ability : 4 PD Monogrinder x99 : 5 PD Digrinder x99 : 10 PD Jellen lv30 : 4 PD Shifta lv30 : 6 PD If am happy with a deal I'll throw in some Jack-O'-Lantern or Easter Egg Ultimate.
  7. Reverse Auction > Any mag with 200 Power (preferably Tellusis or Sato or something cool) My starting bid is 50 PDs + 2 DTs : I'll buy to the lowest/coolest offer Reverse auction end sunday as soon as I can get online, which will probably be around 10 a.m (UTC +1)
  8. SELL > BANANA CANNON [35/0/45/0|30] : 35 DTs BUY > All your Photon Crystal Red Odoshi Domaru Black Odoshi Domaru Yasha Heart of Poumn : 50 hit min Raikiri (min 80 hit please, it's a ROCT reward) Nei's Claw (real) : 30 hit min Bamboo Spear : 30 hit min Also please, since this kind of stuff is rarely sold, I would ask you to tell what's your price. I will haggle depending on the price of course, but don't feel silly to set a "wrong price" because you don't know how much it values. There is no wrong price and I'll not hold it against you, there is just you wanting something and me wanting something else =) Probably the most expansive in all of that is the Nei's Claw (real), the other stuff are just goodies mostly.
  9. Samurais on the Hunt What to do ? Choose three weapons among the given list below Post on this topic the marvelous stats of the weapons you choose to use for this event Record your run ! (very important, otherwise we can't check anything) Do the quest [Retrieval] Fragment of Memories in ep1 Ultimate Open your inventory at the beginning of the run, so that we can know you're not cheating Choose between the two Gauntlets explained below : "Delsaber Time Attack" or "Nerves of steel" Delsaber Time attack Do the best time possible in [Retrieval] Fragment of memories ruins 1 and ruins 2 only. Nerves of steel Do [Retrieval] Fragment of memories ruins 3 only. The less you die, the less you get catch by the ghost, the better it is ! Time will be irrelevant. How you get to ruins 3 will also be irrelevant, you can even ask people to help you to get faster or multi log. But you MUST be alone before getting in ruins 3 and only wield ALLOWED stuff. List of Weapons allowed Agito (AUW-1975, AUW-1977, AUW-1980, AUW-1983, AUW-1991, AUW-2001) Jitte Tsumiki J-Sword Jizai Sange & Yasha Two Kamui Guren Shouren Sange Yasha Kamui Murasame Orotiagito Shichishito Yamigarasu Raikiri S-Rank Katana Bamboo Spear Yunchang Getsugasan Snake Spire Valkyrie Huge Battle Fan If you don't see a samurai's weapon that seems logic to you, you can ask for it to be added. List of Banned items Any weapons that is not in the above list Sonic Team Armor Wedding Dress (Why ? I don't even know why, don't ask me o_o) If you think I should ban certain items, please ask for it and I will think about it. Forces can participate, but their final time will be adjusted depending on how much tech they use (if you only use s/d, j/z and resta : it will not affect your score) This event end the 31 of October or when there is no more buffed Belras (ot wx ektrum kppl dw). 1st place of Delsaber Time Attack : 2 rewards 2nd place of Delsaber Time Attack : 1 reward 1st place of Nerves of steel : 2 rewards 2nd place of Nerves of steel : 1 reward A duel between the two samurais in first place will occur in order to know who choose his first reward first (one by one) Same for samurais getting to second place, but they will have the leftovers. You will pick your rewards in this List Gael Giel 5/117/78/0 [Ondavital] Arrest Needle 35/0/0/40|35 [Kamlang] Hylian Shield [Catria] Hylian Shield Ultima Reaper Ultima Reaper Vjaya 0/0/35/0|30 Girasole [Ondavital] Psycho Black Crystal [Ondavital] Psycho Black Crystal [Imosgid] Proof of Sonic Team Red Ring Vampire Cloak 20 DTs [Kamlang] 99 PDS
  10. This guide will show you how to get the Christmas Present that we usually get on Santa Rappy during Christmas (obviously). Pioneer Christmas has two different opportunities to obtain a Christmas Present per character. The first present is only available in ultimate difficulty, and requires 2 perfect runs of the quest to obtain. The second christmas present requires a bit of setup, but can be done on normal and is quickly repeatable once it's ready. First Present: Here is the steps, you can do it in like 30 minutes depending on how good you will be at not screwing up the puzzles : Epsiode 2 Ultimate difficulty multiplayer, run [event] Pioneer Christmas . You must be alone (because 3 NPC will follow you). Note: Bring an extra shop weapon along with you for the end. Go in the mountain with the 3 NPCs and complete the level 3 puzzles. No mistake allowed (aka : /lobby -> rerun if you fail). Go into the cavern, talk to the woman at the right side and give her the extra shop weapon (don't do armor or shield). Complete the quest (you should get 500 mesetas). Launch Pioneer Christmas in Ultimate once again. This time, you unlocked level 4 puzzles. So complete the level 4 puzzles without any mistake (your score must be 20/20) The rappy will give you a Christmas Present when you finish the last puzzle. Note : the Christmas Present can only be obtained once per character. Here are the puzzles (pictures are from univers-ps, made by Kra) : Concerning the puzzle completion : you must step on the switch in the right order before the timer ends. What interest us is the level 3 and level 4 puzzles. Useful link (if your french or know how to translate a page) : http://universps.online.fr/pso/bb/quetes/pioneer_christmas.php Note for new players : the N00b/Hp unit comes from Christmas Presents Second Present: At the end of Pioneer Christmas, you will be asked to wrap an item from your inventory. Wrap up a random extra weapon from the shop (buy this before you go to mountain, as pipes are disabled in the quest). When you drop this present, you will notice that it is no ordinary present. These presents come in different colors! The color present you receive is tied to your account. If you take this present to Gallon's Shop quest (Ep2 Shop), if you speak to a man looking out the window near the telepipe area, you can show him your special present. Doing so will unlock that color as an wrapping option in Gallon's Shop. This does not use up the present, so you can keep it around to give to other players and let them unlock more wrapping papers as well! There are 9 alternate wrapping papers to unlock in addition to the default White + Pink Ribbon. Since the presents are not used up when unlocking more wrapping options, it should be fairly simple to help other players unlock all possible options of presents. These colors only work with Weapons, they do not work with Shields or Armors. -Yellow + Blue Ribbon -Black + Yellow Ribbon -Light-blue + OrangeRibbon -Pink + Yellow-green Ribbon -Magenta -Blue -Yellow -Vermillion -Green Once you have all 9 alternate wrapping papers unlocked, you can easily get many more christmas presents. Simply wrap 9 cheap shop weapons with all the alternate colors (wrapping costs 10,000 meseta per item), give them to any character (can recreate a lvl 1 char repeatedly for this), then take the presents into Pioneer Christmas. If you donate all extra colors of presents to the children with the lady near the bottom of the ramp by the telepipes, you will receive another christmas present! TL;DR 1. Trade/borrow for all colors of presents with other people. 2. Unlock wrapping options by showing all colors to the man by telepipes in Gallon's Shop (ep2 shop) 3. Wrap 9 cheap shop weapons in all 9 alternate colors. 4. Give the presents to any character (recreate lvl 1 char repeatedly for more) 5. Turn in the presents in Pioneer Christmas to the lady by the telepipes for a Christmas Present! 6. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Credits: Misombre for creating the topic and writing the guide for the first present and for allowing me to edit in more to the guide to make it more complete. Fyrewolf for writing up the guide for the 2nd present and wrapping options, and for some screenshots. Univers-PS and PSO-world for hosting nice guides for the quest here and here. And everyone on Ultima for making this a great server to play on.
  11. Here is how to raise your mag the most inefficient way but the less annoying way possible (beside buying it, which was not an option offline). Required : Playing pso Basic mag lv 5 No pso knowledge, especially no online/Ultima knowledge, for it would tempt you way too much So here you are, you make a game, alone (whelp it's offline style so...) and all you have to do is... hunting ! So basically you're playing the game, and you come across an antidote. Naturally, you pick it up and feed it to your mag straight away. If stats are raising, good, you're doing a fine job in raising your mag. Now let's say you kill an Hildebear and a trimate happens to drop... wow, you don't even need health at the moment ! Awesome, then just feed it to your mag and see what happens. If stats are raising, nice, it's even better than antidotes, so just forget about those and set your mind on the new most efficient item : "trimate". Then the play style become obvious : kill monsters until you somehow remember that you got that mag thingy to feed, check if there is something that you want to get rid off or never use (hello moon atomiser and trap vision... wait wut ? they don't even eat that... well time to throw it away then) and then feed it to your mag (obviously, right). Some statistics now : if you began feeding your mag when your character is Lv1, you should get a Lv 200 mag when you reach Lv90+ on your character, depending on how often you'll think to feed your mag (wait, you thought you were gonna use that /magtimer command ? lol forget about it, you're playing offline style on your old GC, so not gonna happen). Tip : you would want to avoid useless stat such as mind (what's this even for ?), so avoid giving fluids unless you want to get rid of them. Extra-tip : you can feed your mag three times in a row ! Wow, like, wow ! Hidden-extra-tip : star atomiser are the king of mag feeder : they raise every stats ! (even the mind one that no one like) First degree notice for people who just wake up : this guide is a parody.
  12. So... How retro is this community ? Sure those game are not among the "older" video games, but to be honest I don't care that much about the games I didn't play. That's why I made up this list of games that I used to play (and still does from to time, like PSO, by nostalgia), and I was wondering how many of you played at the same games. If you remember about an old game (before 2000) which is not on this list and that you used to love, don't hesitate to share it. This is also the place to ! (I guess ^^) PS : Do not mind the order of the games in the list, I did it random like. Also, Stronghold was released in 2001 but I don't care for I like this game and it is still pretty old anyway =)
  13. ~ Publicity Makers ~ Rules : Create advertisement sentences, pictures, or why not videos. The theme is PSO, preferably PSOBB or GC but also Ultima (which mean quests, items, events proper to Ultima are also available) Do not use this as an opportunity to lynch your little pso camarades (so it has to be pso univers related, not pso player related) I am not a your little pso camarade (so you can roast me, for I am just pso decoration anyway) Do not offend rappies (though they don't have any lawyers so...) If you use the sentence from someone else, please indicate the true author (if you remember his/her name, otherwise just steal that bad sentence and make it yours *whistle*) Only post on this topic if you want to share a pso advertisement or if you want to support someone's advertisement. Rants and vendetta are not allowed. Memes are not advertisement. This is not a meme topic so make sure your creation has a strong taste of publicity if you are to use pictures =) Advertisements example : Vjaya Waste your wealth and your foes health ! Who said that rich people were not generous ? Each time you kill a monster with Vjaya, the special "charge" fees will be donated as compensation to this monster's family... Pan Arms Buy one, get two ! Poison Lilies Looking for a pet to guard your house ? Say no more ! This deadly watchplant will bite, poison and paralyze any burglar ! But what's more ? After each poisoning blow, the Poison Lily will make sure to sneer at the face of the burglar, giving you a 100 % chance the burglar will never come back again. Not until his pride has been fixed Del Lilies When looking for burglary protection, have you thought about "cast" ? Androids ? Poison and paralysis will not work on those one, nor will do sneering, for they are emotionless... Rejoy ! Death-in-a-pot presents its new watchplant : the Del Lily ! It screams death, blows death and bite just as well ! And what's more ? Elegant black, bigger stature than your average poison lily, the Del Lily will spot on even the tiniest racaseal behind the taller fence ! Seaside Dreaming about vacations ? Tired of the virtual amusement park from pionner 2 ? Ragol's beach is awaiting you my friend ! Safer than ever, warmer than pionner ! This spoiler explains some useless things that could eventually end up useful :
  14. Here is the above list of what I want to BUY : Units : Ogre/Power x6 Elf/Arm x6 Elf/Legs x6 Metal/Body x6 Wizard/Technique x6 Dragon/Hp Angel/Mind Those units can have any + or none, but no - please (So don't try to sell me a Ogre/Power-- huhu) Weapons : Partisan x3 Buster x3 Slicer x3 Sniper x3 Lockgun x3 Spread x3 Wand x3 Rod x3 Stick x3 Regarding the weapons, I am looking for amazing stats such as : 15+ hit plus one the following special : demon's, devil's, spirit, berzerk, arrest (or the weaker equivalent), chaos (or the weaker equivalent), and gush (same statement) Two stats (native, beast, machine, dark) with 25+ % Concerning the payment : I completely accept gifts for (you can guess it) it will be no use for me. But I can also understand that one doesn't want to bother gathering a bunch of what looks like total crap. So here are the price : 1 pd for 6 units 1 pd for 3 weapons having the hit and special 1 pd for 6 weapons just having good stats
  15. Disks Trade Rate 1:1 : Resta 30 Rabarta 29 Barta 29 Zonde 29 Gibarta 29 Trade rate = 2:1 : Resta 20 Deband 20 Foie 20 Barta 20 Gizonde 20 Gifoie 20 Razonde 20 Rafoie 20 Special Junk Food Trigrinders 10:1 (stock = 40) Vjaya {20/0/0/0}|35 -> 5 pds Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidu -> 4 pds Trade rate 1:1 : Demon's Diska {50/50/0/0}|30 Perfect/resist Blue Ring Black Ring Rico's Glasses Trade rate 2:1 : v501 Devil/technique Cure/poison Cure/shock Cure/confuse
  16. Those pictures are actually not "HD" in the proper meaning of it. It use the HDR effect of psobb enb overlay. Let's start contemplating pso... With HDR Without... Falz tombstone monument Lobby (Since there is a limit of picture per post, it will be fragmented in many posts.) (Since there is also a limit of posts in a short period of time, it will take time to post it all.)
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