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Found 3 results

  1. Delsaber Event Lottery Time Attack (DELTA) ~ Reward list in the Lottery ~ Parasitic Gene "Flow" (1st place only) HUNDRED SOULS [30/0/40/0|70] (1st to 2nd place) BLACK KING BAR +80 [0/100/100/0|80] (1st to 2nd place) ZANBA +38 [0/0/0/30|60] (1st to 2nd place) STEALTH SWORD [0/35/0/0|60] (1st to 2nd place) BANANA CANNON [35/0/45/0|30] (1st to 3rd place) SEALED J-SWORD [0/0/0/0|0] (1st to 3rd place) Centurion/Battle (1st to 3rd place) VIRIDIA CARD [0/25/0/0|35] (1st to 5th place) GLIDE DIVINE V.00 [0/0/35/30|45] (1st to 5th place) BLOOD TORNADO [0/45/0/0|55] (4th to 6th place) Raygun [0/50/50/0|50] [Demon's] (4th to 6th place) Tellusis [Yellow] [5/117/78/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Pilla] CHAIN SAWD [40/25/0/0|45] (4th to 6th place) HYLIAN SHIELD (3rd to 6th place) Magic Rock "Heart Key" (3rd to 6th place) Harmonic Resonance Core (3rd to 6th place) Proof of Sonic Team (3rd to 6th place) v502 (6th to 9th place) v801 (6th to 9th place) How to play the lottery ? Solo the quest War of Limit 4 in Ultimate and record your run. Participants will be evaluated on time. So best time get first place. Restrictions : all participants must use 2 Limiters (show your stuff before starting the run). Sonic Team Armor and dark weapons are not allowed. No heal allowed until the camera gets weird (but you can use Gush weapons and the healing ring). To make things fair, if someone post a better time on the last day of the event, participants will get an extra 24 hours to respond and do better. Ask your questions on this Topic. Have fun :{
  2. Living Pinata Ending the 26/03/2017 Steps : Post on this topic to register Browse your bank and get 4-5 of your most stupid/funny weapons. Free 30 minutes of your time to play the event What are we going to do exactly ? I will assign you a playmate randomly I will take you both for a walk into a random room (ep1, ep2 or ep4 depending on my mood) I will tank the monster and do nothing but watch and give the turn When it's your turn, you will draw a weapon a strike the monster once Then it will be your playmate turn, and he will do the same : one strike The first to kill the monster lose the round Rince and repeat for up to five monsters. The final winner is the one getting the most points* Rules : You can only use stupid/funny weapons. Your level, armor, units, shield and mag doesn't matter. Force are allowed to use zalure once per monster (not counted as a strike, it's a plus) Cast are allowed to use damage trap once per monster (not counted as a strike, it's a plus) Non cast Hunters are allowed to strike once weaponless (not counted as a strike, it's a plus) Non cast Rangers are allowed to *ongoing* (not counted as a strike, it's a plus) You cannot use twice the same weapon between 3 turns If you miss your attack, you have to change your weapon and strike the monster twice instead. If you miss the two strikes you lose. Score system : 1 monster killed by your playmate = 3 points for you Then you get extra points (can be negative though) depending on how much attacks you both used to kill the monster : 1 - 2 attacks = +2 points 3 - 4 attacks = +1 point 5 - 6 attacks = +0 point 7 - 8 attacks = -1 point 9 or more attacks = -2 points If the rules lost you, here is a nutshell : You have to try to not kill the monster before your playmate does. Also, the less you had to attack the monster, the better your score will be. So trying to deal as few damage as possible, or dealing just enough so that your playmate have no choice but to kill the poor beast... /!\ In the case you deal exactly 0 damage with a weapon, I reserve the right to prohibit the use of this weapon. Prizes : Allowed weapons : FAQ :
  3. Samurais on the Hunt What to do ? Choose three weapons among the given list below Post on this topic the marvelous stats of the weapons you choose to use for this event Record your run ! (very important, otherwise we can't check anything) Do the quest [Retrieval] Fragment of Memories in ep1 Ultimate Open your inventory at the beginning of the run, so that we can know you're not cheating Choose between the two Gauntlets explained below : "Delsaber Time Attack" or "Nerves of steel" Delsaber Time attack Do the best time possible in [Retrieval] Fragment of memories ruins 1 and ruins 2 only. Nerves of steel Do [Retrieval] Fragment of memories ruins 3 only. The less you die, the less you get catch by the ghost, the better it is ! Time will be irrelevant. How you get to ruins 3 will also be irrelevant, you can even ask people to help you to get faster or multi log. But you MUST be alone before getting in ruins 3 and only wield ALLOWED stuff. List of Weapons allowed Agito (AUW-1975, AUW-1977, AUW-1980, AUW-1983, AUW-1991, AUW-2001) Jitte Tsumiki J-Sword Jizai Sange & Yasha Two Kamui Guren Shouren Sange Yasha Kamui Murasame Orotiagito Shichishito Yamigarasu Raikiri S-Rank Katana Bamboo Spear Yunchang Getsugasan Snake Spire Valkyrie Huge Battle Fan If you don't see a samurai's weapon that seems logic to you, you can ask for it to be added. List of Banned items Any weapons that is not in the above list Sonic Team Armor Wedding Dress (Why ? I don't even know why, don't ask me o_o) If you think I should ban certain items, please ask for it and I will think about it. Forces can participate, but their final time will be adjusted depending on how much tech they use (if you only use s/d, j/z and resta : it will not affect your score) This event end the 31 of October or when there is no more buffed Belras (ot wx ektrum kppl dw). 1st place of Delsaber Time Attack : 2 rewards 2nd place of Delsaber Time Attack : 1 reward 1st place of Nerves of steel : 2 rewards 2nd place of Nerves of steel : 1 reward A duel between the two samurais in first place will occur in order to know who choose his first reward first (one by one) Same for samurais getting to second place, but they will have the leftovers. You will pick your rewards in this List Gael Giel 5/117/78/0 [Ondavital] Arrest Needle 35/0/0/40|35 [Kamlang] Hylian Shield [Catria] Hylian Shield Ultima Reaper Ultima Reaper Vjaya 0/0/35/0|30 Girasole [Ondavital] Psycho Black Crystal [Ondavital] Psycho Black Crystal [Imosgid] Proof of Sonic Team Red Ring Vampire Cloak 20 DTs [Kamlang] 99 PDS
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