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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, long time no see, that's because I've been working on a whole lot of projects, sadly not mines. So what do you think I'd do when I get two weeks off ? Playing PSO would be an acceptable answer. I did not I just build up some random idea (that was supposed to take me one week, but well, I'm weak so...) and I thought I'd let you see the v1 The principle is simple: everyone share the same profile and news feed. No need to have an account, you can edit everything on the fly and it will eventually wear off after a while (usually when someone else change the data or bury/condemn your messages) It's here => placeholder (En Français parce que je sais qu'il y en a quelques uns => placeholder If you have any remarks, bugs or suggestions, let me know !
  2. + Well heres the Oficial google+ account for Ultima PSOBB thouse who dont have google+ account we will need and invitation and here we are giving out invitations xD. just click this link to get one. https://plus.google....ADw:Bx1qlu2bu7M and add us to your circles that it. also in the tab Social net you can find the rest of our oficial social networks. - Español: bueno aqui les dejamos el sitio Oficial google+ de Ultima PSOBB para aquellos que no tiene cuenta con Google+ van a necesitar una, invitacion, pero aqui mismo nosotro les damos la invitacion solo den click en el link y sigan las intrucciones. https://plus.google....ADw:Bx1qlu2bu7M agreganos a tu circulo y listo. tambien pueden encontrar el resto de nuestras Redes sociales oficiales de ultima en la pestaña de arriva del foro "Social Net"
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