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Found 7 results

  1. S> soul booster 8dt, 25 beast sjs 40dt, 40 mech tjs 50 dt, open to offers pm me
  2. I am Selling Wedding dress Min RR Min SJS with 45 machine 1 Cent/Battle Selling Guldmilla 35 dark 100 machine 80 hit
  3. yeyy

    B>Ranger Weps

    Hey, I am trading my SJS 25/0/0/0/0 and 90+ pd's for some nice ranger gear. I message a lot faster if you just pm me, but you can also reply here I'll also sell it for a flat price of 57 DT's
  4. LmAx


    !!!!! I offer Sealed J-Sword (0/35/0/30) for D Photon-Core or Gael Giel (0/185/15/0) , pm me . Thank you !
  5. ✰✰✰ Sealed J-Sword Auction ✰✰✰ I left it untekked so you can have the pleasure of tekking it by yourself Wants DT's or PD's only (ratio 1:8) Starting Bid: 40 DT's or 320 PD's Deadline: May 24, 2017 10:00 PM GMT-03:00 (Brasilia) Rules Please only offer PDs/DTs/stuff that you already have. Avoid retreating your offer. This is to avoid confusion for the people bidding. If you really have to retreat your offer, I'll be prohibiting you to start bidding again on this topic. Who is forbidden to bid on this topic: - Champione Good luck to all bidders!
  6. Hello players from Ultima! Welcome to my unsealing service! What I Will Unseal + Prices: |Limiter > ADEPT| - 5 PD's |Lame D'argent > Excalibur| - 5 PD's |Swordsman Lore > Proof of Sword Saint| 5 PD's |Sealed J-Sword > Tsumikiri J-Sword| 8 PD's If you have kills on the item you want unsealed already, just let me know and we will alter the price Contact me through pm if you would like any of the items above unsealed. In a short 5 or so days I should have the item you wanted unsealed! (SJS may take a bit longer ) Souls Needed on Items: Limiter: 20,000 Souls Lame D'argent: 10,000 Souls Swordsman Lore: 20,000 Souls Sealed J-sword: 23,000 Souls
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