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Found 12 results

  1. The Sunniest event of Ultima has come! Happy summer guys, we hope all members enjoy this event. The staff really wanted to bring something new to the community. It's nothing over power but I'm sure some users will appreciate the work that has been done here. thanks to all Ultima members. You guys really make Ultima the great place that is for all of us! Thanks and Enjoy. Summer Items Centurion/Legs - 75 EVP Centurion/TP - 125 TP Centurion/Technique - 5 Technique Levels Trap Search - Makes traps visible Zanbacon - Delicious sword Summer Main Items Blood Sword Do not underestimate the power of blood... Soul Booster Need a boost on Excalibur? Combine them to obtain Hundred Souls. Psycho Black Crystal Give to your Master Raven the ability to curse your enemies with death by making it Psycho Raven. Centurion/Battle Is this game too slow for you? Then this item is gonna be your best friend! +110% Attack Speed Alis' Resolve Foie +35% Barta +35% Zonde +35% New Content Serene Swan Fight with the serenity of the swan. The blessing on this weapon channels photon energy to purify the corruption in its targets through removal of dark energy. Buffed Monsters Morfos have been genetically enhanced Baranz have been upgraded to a better version ____________________________________ Event is active until August 05, 2019 Credits for the Banner to @FALC0N almost one year creating original content for us man! Credits for the Original Topic to @R-78 Credits for Serene Swan skin and portuguese translation to @Noob Saibot Thanks! Good Luck / Bonne Chance / Buena Suerte / Boa Sorte !
  2. It seems like every time I get to the caves 2 the server ends up dropping me after 15 or 20 minutes. I'm in single player mode on normal. Does the server think I'm sitting still? Maybe a certain texture file is corrupt? Anyone else have this problem? This is only the second time. I will screen shot the next time it happens. Thanks in advance
  3. The event of xmas we can say it's a success , as of right now JAN-5-2018 1:40pm, there's been 77 drops of PGF. I think it's a good balance amount, last year we had 83 PGF dropped. Taking in consideration that last year we had so much more players online. I know many member have done houndreds of runs with out luck but thats how PSO is. We all know that the game it'a all about the red box and for that reason getting the most rare weapon and powerful one of the game it's not easy.
  4. Finally we decided to offer a VoIP (voice chat) service to the players. our VoIP voice chat server is running with the most stable and best service that is currently out there. Mumble! was a pain in the ass to set it up properly (blame ZeroICE api XD lol). any way you guys wont have any problem at all to connect to the server. you only need mumble software that can be obtain from http://mumble.sourceforge.net/ download windows client. once you download just configure your speakers/mic. then add our server to your list of server. you will need the IP/domain address of the server and the port number. IP : ultimapsobb.org port: 64738 if you guys have problems doing any of the above steps. here's a how to guide with pictures. just follow that guide as reference. http://www.mumble.com/support/how-to-connect-to-a-mumble-server.php. HOW TO ENABLE Mumble OVERLAY IN PSOBB Well after some research of the overlay of Mumble i find out that the game need to call directX9 to use the overlay function of Mumble. Since the overlay is one of the great things about Mumble i really wanted to have this thing working with PSO. so after chating with Lee he gave me a great idea. To use the ENB series effects that who users created while ago. Then ENB calls Directx9, but i dont like the ENB effects. So what i did is to have the ENB on but with non special effects whatsoever. any way cut to the chase. 1. you must enable the overlay in the settings of Mumble. 2. you will need to download this file and extract the content to the root folder of PSO. psooverlay.rar -> Mirror . -> Mirror2 3. you need to add the exe of PSO to the whitelist of Mumble. (see picture) Finally if you did all the above steps you will see the overlay in the game. Overlay will show the members who are in the same room that you are in mumble and will highlight the user who is talking. as you can see in the top right hand corner, thats who i have configure my overlay. Enjoy Español Finalmente hemos decidido ofrecer VolP (chat de voz) para ustedes. nuestro servidor VolP chat de voz corre en el mejor y mas estable servicio que hay actualmente. Mumble! fue un dolor de trasero para configurarlo apropiadamente. De cualquier manera no tendran ningun problema para conectar al servidor, solamente necesitan el cliente de mumble el cual pueden conseguir click en el link ---> http://mumble.sourceforge.net/ Descargar el cliente para windows. Una vez descargado solo configuren su microfono y sus auriculares. Entonces solo agrega nuestro servidor a tu lista de servidores. Necesitaras nuestra dirrecion IP/Dominio del servidor y numero de puerto. IP : ultimapsobb.org Puerto: 64738 Si tiene problemas con alguno de los pasos, aqui una guia con imagenes, toma la guia como referencia. http://www.mumble.com/support/how-to-connect-to-a-mumble-server.php. Como hablitar el overlay de Mumble en PSOBB Buenos despues de una investigaciondel over lay de Mumble, encontre que el juego necesita el directX9 para la funcion overlay, desde que overlay es la mejor funcion de MUMBLE, yo quiero que esto funcione con el PSOBB, asi que despues de un chat con Lee me dio una gran idea, de usar el effecto EMB series que fue creado hace un tiempo, entonces el EMB llama al directX9 pero no me gustan los effectos del EMB. Asi que lo que hice es poner el EMB series pero sin los effectos. Bueno al grano. 1.Debes habilitar el overlay en mumble 2.Necesitas descargar estos archivos y extraerlos en la carpeta raiz de pso. psooverlay.rar -> Mirror . -> Mirror2 3.Necesitas agregar el exe de pso en mumble en tu listablanca. (mira la imagen) Finalmente si seguistes los pasos anteriores veras el overlay en el juego, el overlay mostrara los miembros que estan en el mismo cuarto. Disfruntelo.
  5. I am setting up a local server to be able to help troubleshoot new developments to the ultima server. I am new here in general but I am pleased with my experience so far and would be happy to help however I can. Also, I listed some new ideas and want to show how they can be implemented. I had made one on an old computer with the pioneer2 files but they are gone now. I downloaded the files on http://psobbshaeo.jimdo.com/but I ran into a problem when hex editing the executables. What I did on my old local server was find the ip address sodaboy put ( or something like that) then edit in my own. But on these files I can't seem to find the ip address. The client is titled crystal-argo, and I guess is different than the regular one sodaboy released forever ago. It probably has a different ip address and I am wondering if anyone knows what it is, or has a download link to the original tethealla client. I apologize if this is in the wrong section but I couldn't find a more appropriate section that would let me start a new topic. Thanks in advance for any and all help!
  6. Hello, I joined ultima a few days ago. S'been great! Super awesome. Now then, I've finally finished raising my mag. It was tough and well, lotta time spent. The damndest most awful crap funny thing is, my Sato, evolved and complete, turned into a Naraka. I logged off my character and back, and it changed from Sato to Naraka. And the stats were warped; Originally level 130 with 5/75/50/0 Is this fixable? EDIT: Woops, posted in the wrong forum. Just noticed the 'Bugs n Crashes' area.
  7. Are the servers down right now? I'm set up, router and all to play properly, but I keep getting an error (903) is it actually down?
  8. Hiya people. first of all.. I want to say that I'm still learning english (alone) so, if I wrote something wrong please forgive me. I having problems to connect with the game recently, everytime when I'm connecting the game freezes in some point then start all over, if i keep insisting the game connects but it takes 30 or 40 minutes ~ After connecting to the server the game runs fine, no more disconnections or problems.. but it's really annoying take 30 minutes trying to connect to the server. This must be a problem with my PC or Internet, but I don't know how to fix it, I made a video showing this problem. Video (The video is laggy because I choose the worst recorder ever, but anyways..) Any Ideas anyone? :<
  9. Hey, Bare with me as I try to explain, but I'm not able to get on, everytime I attempt to Start Game, it goes through it's typical patch search but then when I press enter, it stops and then says it can't connect to the server. I know there was a server problem earlier, but it seems to be online as of now, but I'm not able to get on there. When I went to the C-Panel earlier, it told me I was not connected to the database. Everything else is telling me things are fine, it's just the act of starting the game. Has anyone figured it out or am I missing something completely obvious? Thanks for any help guys. Wolffe
  10. Hi, i just started playing on this server today and i (at first) played it for 5 hours straight with no problem at all. But after quitting the game, then re-entering and hour later, the game will constantly drop connection and say i have "lost connection to the server". The server says it's still up, so i don't understand the problem i am getting. Please help as this is one of the best servers for PSO out there and it is forcing me out of the experience.
  11. Hi, I made an account by the register selection on the website, when i finished installing the client i tried to log in, but it says "server full". I tried to start the game as admin and without firewall or antivir programm running, same effect. What can i do ? Thanks
  12. EasterVIRUS is Here in Ultima a month full of fun and joy. During the entire month we will have some cool stuff to all, we will include THE MINI EVENT OF THE OVENMITTS <--LINK Egg Rappy, will be dropping the Ashura Mag Cell, Comander Blade, and few Ultima Server Collection item, GAME MAGAZINE And this year for the first time the Easter egg in ULTIMATE will be dropping different items than any other difficulty. And MoRE... Olga Flow will be dropping KROE'S Sweater and also, after almost 3 years Samurai Armor. The mini events... this year will be hosted by the the ovenMitts team, you can go the their section in the forum, so you can see their news. Ohh almost forgot the Virus Shield: Vol Opt this shield will be found in the Ep4, i wont reveal any other detail about it. users are welcome to post here what they found about the drop and ID's. And one more thing... each Saturday and Sunday of April server will be giving Exp x5. All this start April 6th and the events ends April 21. have fun. ------ ESPAÑOL ------ EasterVIRUS está aqui en Ultima un mes entero de diversión y alegría. Durante todo el mes tendremos cosas geniales para todos, incluyendo el evento de OVENMITTS Además los Egg Rappy, van a tener drop de Ashura Mag Cell, Comander Blade, y algunos items de colección de nuestro servidor. Además el Evento de easter egg tendrá drops diferentes en dificultad ULTIMATE. Y también Olga Flow tendrá drop de KROE'S Sweater y, luego de casi tres años, también tendrá drop de Samurai Armor. Los mini-eventos... este año serán auspiciados por el team ovenMitts, puedes ir a su sección en el foro, así puedes ver sus noticias. Y no nos olvidemos de el Virus Shield: Vol Opt escondido en alguna parte del episodio 4. Como adicional cada sábado y domingo de abril tendremos Exp x5. Todo esto comienza el 6 de abril y termina el 21 de abril. Diviértanse.
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