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  1. This guide will show you how to get the Christmas Present that we usually get on Santa Rappy during Christmas (obviously). Pioneer Christmas has two different opportunities to obtain a Christmas Present per character. The first present is only available in ultimate difficulty, and requires 2 perfect runs of the quest to obtain. The second christmas present requires a bit of setup, but can be done on normal and is quickly repeatable once it's ready. First Present: Here is the steps, you can do it in like 30 minutes depending on how good you will be at not screwing up the puzzles : Epsiode 2 Ultimate difficulty multiplayer, run [event] Pioneer Christmas . You must be alone (because 3 NPC will follow you). Note: Bring an extra shop weapon along with you for the end. Go in the mountain with the 3 NPCs and complete the level 3 puzzles. No mistake allowed (aka : /lobby -> rerun if you fail). Go into the cavern, talk to the woman at the right side and give her the extra shop weapon (don't do armor or shield). Complete the quest (you should get 500 mesetas). Launch Pioneer Christmas in Ultimate once again. This time, you unlocked level 4 puzzles. So complete the level 4 puzzles without any mistake (your score must be 20/20) The rappy will give you a Christmas Present when you finish the last puzzle. Note : the Christmas Present can only be obtained once per character. Here are the puzzles (pictures are from univers-ps, made by Kra) : Concerning the puzzle completion : you must step on the switch in the right order before the timer ends. What interest us is the level 3 and level 4 puzzles. Useful link (if your french or know how to translate a page) : http://universps.online.fr/pso/bb/quetes/pioneer_christmas.php Note for new players : the N00b/Hp unit comes from Christmas Presents Second Present: At the end of Pioneer Christmas, you will be asked to wrap an item from your inventory. Wrap up a random extra weapon from the shop (buy this before you go to mountain, as pipes are disabled in the quest). When you drop this present, you will notice that it is no ordinary present. These presents come in different colors! The color present you receive is tied to your account. If you take this present to Gallon's Shop quest (Ep2 Shop), if you speak to a man looking out the window near the telepipe area, you can show him your special present. Doing so will unlock that color as an wrapping option in Gallon's Shop. This does not use up the present, so you can keep it around to give to other players and let them unlock more wrapping papers as well! There are 9 alternate wrapping papers to unlock in addition to the default White + Pink Ribbon. Since the presents are not used up when unlocking more wrapping options, it should be fairly simple to help other players unlock all possible options of presents. These colors only work with Weapons, they do not work with Shields or Armors. -Yellow + Blue Ribbon -Black + Yellow Ribbon -Light-blue + OrangeRibbon -Pink + Yellow-green Ribbon -Magenta -Blue -Yellow -Vermillion -Green Once you have all 9 alternate wrapping papers unlocked, you can easily get many more christmas presents. Simply wrap 9 cheap shop weapons with all the alternate colors (wrapping costs 10,000 meseta per item), give them to any character (can recreate a lvl 1 char repeatedly for this), then take the presents into Pioneer Christmas. If you donate all extra colors of presents to the children with the lady near the bottom of the ramp by the telepipes, you will receive another christmas present! TL;DR 1. Trade/borrow for all colors of presents with other people. 2. Unlock wrapping options by showing all colors to the man by telepipes in Gallon's Shop (ep2 shop) 3. Wrap 9 cheap shop weapons in all 9 alternate colors. 4. Give the presents to any character (recreate lvl 1 char repeatedly for more) 5. Turn in the presents in Pioneer Christmas to the lady by the telepipes for a Christmas Present! 6. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Credits: Misombre for creating the topic and writing the guide for the first present and for allowing me to edit in more to the guide to make it more complete. Fyrewolf for writing up the guide for the 2nd present and wrapping options, and for some screenshots. Univers-PS and PSO-world for hosting nice guides for the quest here and here. And everyone on Ultima for making this a great server to play on.
  2. Missed your chance to get some Jack o' Lanterns in the Halloween Event? Need another Halo Soul to finish off your costumes? Well fear not, for your characters can all get a Lantern any time of year and enjoy some delicious sweets at the same time. The quest Pioneer Halloween (Ep 2 Event category) can reward players with Jack o' Lanterns, though you'll have to work together with others to complete it. The heartless Principal Tyrell has banned all sweets from Pioneer 2, forcing growing children to sup on meager monomate rations. You have been hired to smuggle special goods from the notorious fugitive Naura sister's hideout on Gal da Val island. You will need to head to Ragol and clear out a path to the cake sisters, and bring their latest confectionery creations back for all the children, and of course, you too will be able to partake in the cake (I promise it's not a lie!), and there is also a special secret party prepared for you to celebrate your generosity. Your goal will be to collect 8 different types of Cakes to get the reward. You'll need to find some friends to run this with you, as which style of cake you get is tied to your account, though there is a special bonus cake to get as well. It can be quickly completed in 2 runs of the quest, with people changing to another account for the 2nd run (7 different accounts needed), and then all 4 participants can receive a lantern. Cake Type Info: Pioneer Halloween takes the players through either Jungle North and East, OR through Mountain and Seaside (randomized which map set you get). The Jungle maps seems to be slightly faster, but neither takes very long and it can be done on normal difficulty. Jungle Maps: Mountain/Seaside Maps: One thing to avoid in the quest is the Prankster Rappy; he shows up as the first rappy just after you warp to the 2nd map, and if you speak to him he will ask you "Trick or Treat?" and open your inventory. If you give him a cake, then he just eats it (wasting one of your cakes), but if you don't give him anything, he plays a trick on you and temporarily shrinks your character for a minute or two. Simply ignore him and don't speak to him and nothing will happen. There is also a 4switch door halfway through Mountain to open (switches stay pressed). Switches: Once you reach the cake sisters, they will give you "A Lot of Cake", but don't immediately take it back to the quest giver. Instead, you'll need to backtrack a short ways to find the hidden warp to the Secret Rappy Party. For Seaside this is off in the small side room from the large beach areas, and for Jungle it is early in the second area near the first warp, hidden away in some shrubbery. Jungle Rappy Party: Seaside Rappy Party: At the Secret Rappy Party you can get the special bonus cake (a lemon cake with lemon frosting shaped like a rappy) if you come here before returning to the quest giver, while you still have the quest board item 'a lot of cake' instead of the inventory item 'cake'. One of the side rappies at the party will ask you how many rappies are in the quest, and if you give the correct answer of 25, you get the bonus lemon rappy cake. After you get this bonus cake, then you can go return to Pioneer 2 and go to the quest giver. She will take the 'a lot of cake' from you, and divide it up for the children, and give you the leftover pieces to enjoy yourself. You will receive as many 'cake' items as there are players in the game, so once you do the run you should share your cakes with everyone else who ran with you (and they should share theirs with you) so that everyone has one of each type. If you have 8 different cake types(i.e. on the second run or whatever), then return to the Secret Rappy Party and speak to the lead rappy. Give him the 8 different cakes and for your generosity he will reward you with a Jack o' Lantern! This is actually fairly easy to do, even if it does require a small group of players helping each other, but it's a really cool and unique quest. I hope you guys have fun exploring it and enjoy getting some extra Jack O' Lanterns! Special Thanks to VulpesMundi, castelli, and Valleo for their Pioneer Halloween guide on PSO-World and the maps contained therein ( http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1326 ), as well as well as universps for extra cake detail info ( http://universps.online.fr/pso/bb/quetes/Pioneer_Halloween.php ).
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