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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! Long time PSO/PSOBB fan/player here, coming to join this server because I can't remember my login info on another server that is less populated. I just got rid of my Windows 10 install and managed to get this to run on Kubuntu, the only issue so far is that I am having trouble getting the launcher to run which means I am unable to adjust the settings of the game. Is anyone experienced with getting the launcher to run in a non-windows environment? I've tried adding it into playonlinux but it keeps crashing. I've installed the framework in wine but it still isn't working. Any one have any suggestions? I can provide any info you may need. Currently, the game runs fine if I run it by psobb.exe but the graphics are bad due to low resolution and I am unable to adjust the settings. I set window mode to off via wine-regedit to see if fullscreen works with my resolution, but I haven't tested it yet. Any ideas? Currently, no launcher.log is being produced -- either. Any ideas?
  2. I downloaded the Ultima Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst launcher and I started the game but the game itself wont load, all I see is a black screen for an instant then it closes. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to fix it? I tried looking for a solution but none of them work. Can anyone help me please and thank you!
  3. I see a lot of people in the ShoutBox having issues, so I thought I'd write a quick guide to help the average joe try and get connected. Dont use capital letters in your username/password if at all possible. The game doesn't like it. (Though the website should automatically convert it to lower case for you I am told) Crack Mode doesnt work, so forget about that. Alt+Tab and full screen dont mix. Either use windowed / widescreen mode or http://westechsolutions.net/sites/WindowedBorderlessGaming/download Connecting / Internet issues Now for the graphical side. Settings Other Sound A Last Resort
  4. I get bored, and stuff like this happens. More to come.
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