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  1. I'm going to list a few items that would be cool to have all around not just event. I have no clue if you can do any of these or not. I'm just going to post my ideas and see if you guys like them or not. Trap Grenades: They work just like traps. Damage, Confuse, and Freeze and have the same radius explosion. The only way to get these is through shop and you can get 10 of each but cost alot of meseta. like 100k each and pop up rarely like trimates and trifluids but a little rarer but not like scape dolls. V802 (or w/e): Something to increase the magic casting like a cent/battle. (this can be event only) Support Grenades: I know chuk been trying to make an item shifta & deband. So these could be the jellen and zalure. Not sure how shifta or deband could work here lol. Samething as trap grenades for getting. Recover Unit: Don't you hate getting knocked down and waiting forever to get back up? Well fear no more! This unit allows you to recover 50% faster! That's right i said it, 50% faster! (can be event only) ATP Charger: Everything you kill (or even hit) an enemy you atp increase up by 5 (or w/e) until you get hit or until you leave the game. (can be event only) Attack Speed Charger: Samething as atp but it increase your attack speed. (can be event only) This is a start ill post more later.
  2. Hello guys, this is just a suggestion,So don't complain about it, but constructive critism is welcomed. I don't know how hard it is to fix the problem with the psycho raven thingy.My suggestion is to let it stay temporary,like it is,BUT the saber drop @bosses should be replaced by it then and you can hunt more crystals. Also you should be able to use the crystal on other weps like for e.g. S-red blades. this will turn into a fist wep where the blades are in front and behind of it(like in daylightscar,but just with sredblades) and it will give you for e.g 30 shifta and deband. The weapon would be called psycho blades. Another weapon could be heavens apocalypse,where it is mille marteux(or how is it called)combined with psycho crystal(would look like 2 heavens punisher)and it would do 9x The beam dmg) Because the weapons are so uber it should be temporary
  3. Well since today the server is using a new experience system. so please don't freak out. hope you people like this. if anyone has any question just post it here. @Choko give me the idea of using a table based on the level of the character to use diferent experiense system. credit for the code of this are for @Choko he did the code of this table. and this is how it works. characters from level 1 to 160will use exp x3, characters from level 160 to 200 will use exp x2 . (but this table will be overide if a event of experinse such EXP x5 is on the moment) Español Bueno desde hoy el serveridor usa un nuevo systema de experiencia. asi que por favor no se alteren. espero que esto les guste. si alguien tiene una pregunta por favor escriba aqui. @Choko me dio la idea de usar una tabla basada en el nivel de los personajes para usar un systema de experiencia diferente los creditos the este codigo son para @Choko el hizo el codigo para esta tabla. Y asi es como funciona. personajes de nivel 1 a 100 usaran experiencia x3, personajes de nivel 160 a 200 usaran experencia x2 (pero esta tabla sera anulada si un evento de experiencia x5 esta en el momento)
  4. Godric

    P4 The Animation

    Afternoon to you all. Just posting to inform you of a new anime which is Persona 4 : The Animation. All that is out so far is just the first episode. Here's The Opening. Link to the very First Episode.Hope you Enjoy. http://www.videozer.com/video/abqUZ
  5. ACE SC1's "NEW" Trade List! Closed BYE
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