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Found 5 results

  1. I want to use this old thread to upload my recent and future skins with the intention that @Larva make use of them upgrading or creating new ones, my current proyect is to update Dark weapons skins maintaining their original style, i already finished Psycho Bridge and im currently working on Dark Meteor. I also looking guidance for Model swap weapons. i want to thanks YukiSenoue for the tools guide back in 2015.
  2. with Noesis, i can open and see untextured 3D models of everything in the game. then you click on "file" in Noesis menu and select "Export". then you will be presented with a window. source file: 😄 \Users\User\ ( main file location)\(pso bb)\Character or enemies model\name of the character file character files, npc files and model files are encoded with .nj output type Destination file: where it's gonna go Main output type: important. when you have this menu, choose the output type that you can work with. ex: blender can work with: .fbx - FBX .dae Collada .abc - alembic .3ds - 3D studio .bvh - Motion Capture .ply - Standford .obj - Wavefront .stl - Stl .svg - Scalable Vector Graphics .x3d\wrl X3D extensible 3D with output the output menu can do: .dae - Collada .fbx - Autodesk FBX .glm - GHOUL2 Model .gltf - glTF Model .iqm - Inter Quake Model .kvx - KVX Voxel Model .md2 - Quake II MD2 .md3 - Quake III MD3 .md5mesh - md5mesh (Doom 3, Prey, ect) .mdl - Quake MDL .mdr - EF/Raven MDR .obj - WaveFront OBJ .ply - Standford PLY .ply2 - PLY2 Model .psk - Unreal ActorX Model .rdm - RDM (model) .smd - Valve SMD .stl - Stanford Tessellation Language Model .vox - VOX Voxel Model Additional texture output: Default .anm - DeluxePaint Animation .astc - ASTC Image .bmp - BMP Image .crn - Crunch Texture .dcm - MRI - DICOM .dds - DDS Image .gif - GIF Image .hdr - Radiance HDR .ico - Icon Image .j2k - JPEG 2000 Codestream .jp2 - JPEG 2000 Image .jpg - JPEG Image .jps - Stereo JPS Image .Ibm - DeluxePaint Image .Imp - Quake LMP .m32 - M32 Image .m8 - M8 Image .mpo - Stereo MPO Image .pcx - PCX Image .png - PNG Image .spr - Quake SPR .tga - TGA Image .tspr - Text Spirite Set .wal - Quake II WAL Texture Additional animation output: .Default .bvh - BioVision Hierarchy Anim .dae - COLLADA .fbx - Autodesk FBX .gla - GHOUL2 Animation .gltf - gITF Model .iqm - Inter-Quake Model .md2 - Quake II MD2 .md3 - Quake III MD3 .md5anim - md5anim (Doom 3, Prey, ect) .mdl - Quake MDL .mdr - EF/Raven MDR .noefbxmulti - Multi-FBX Anim Sequence .psa - Unreal ActorX Animation .rda - RDA (anim) .smd - Valve SDM others options: -Flip UV's -No geometry -No animations -Rotate 90 -No textures Export that file and open it with Blender. now you can mod the 3D models
  3. Since I'm not terribly active over here anymore, my most up to date post is going to be located here: https://www.pioneer2.net/community/threads/reshade-for-psobb-optional-screen-space-ray-traced-global-illumination.16144/ Below in the spoiler tag is the old post in case anybody wants any of the old releases, for whatever reason. Also if linking to another forum is frowned upon, I can keep the post updated here as well, would obviously prefer to keep things a bit easier for myself though :p
  4. hello everybody. i found the files for the guild clerk and the nurse they are in the .obj Wavefront format. it can be opened with Blender, you don't need noesis to convert the files. you can mod those 2 and upgrade them anyway you want have a nice day everyone. i would also add, these models are really interesting how they were built. really interesting. have a nice day everyone i found the models here. https://www.models-resource.com/pc_computer/phantasystaronline/model/1269/ https://www.models-resource.com/pc_computer/phantasystaronline/model/1642/
  5. I forgot my username to my high level account. Can a mod or Gm search it with an email? Bellow, I will post all the emails that it could possibly be under. Devankregar@gmail.com devan1996@gmail.com n32kregar@gmail.com Thank you very much.
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