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Found 7 results

  1. hellow lets play this game
  2. Well, yeah, Anniv. event is over for now. But as I have no life, I dug through the 2015 christmas Topic and here are the confirmed drops of last year in advance! These are all now confirmed! Again this is last years drops and items, so new confirmations will be added and new items. If you still know something from last year, let me know, so I can edit it Goodluck !!!!
  3. Hello all! Name: Azur Age: 17 years Preferred contact method: Forum Hobbies: Sleeping, making cakes and look at the stars Picture: Hell no! A little more about your self: I come to play here because a friend showed me the game and I liked it and I wanted to try by myself. Because I hate being weak I took a LOT of time to create of all my characters and made several accounts. Maybe it's not very clever to begin the game but I want to play a little of everything I am not a complete beginner, but certainly not a good player neither, so I look forward to imp
  4. hola perdí mi c/battle, en estos días cree un personaje nuevo y le pase el c/batle para jugar. Hoy entro y se transformo en un angel/mind y no lo encuentro por ningún lado, hoy acabe de pasarle otro para seguir jugando. Guild card 42089893 Character slot 2 Name yasha
  5. So... hello all. I was having a seizure of nostalgia and used a search engine to find this server. Looking forward to burning time on this game/server. Many active people? There were almost a dozen people online last night. Time to play through the story..!
  6. hello i am prentahell50, particularly new to forums but ive played phantasy star online on the dreamcast before, happy to make everyones aquaintices
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