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Found 5 results

  1. Quake


    HOLY RAY +40 100/0/0/100/60% SOLD BRINGERS RIFLE 100/0/100/0/60% SOLD SAMBA FIESTA 0/0/0/0/40% SOLD DISKA OF BRAVEMAN 0/0/0/0/40% SLICER OF FANATIC +30 0/0/0/0/60% SOLD HYLIAN SHIELD magical piece DEMONIC FORK x2 PSYCHO WAND GLIDE DIVINE MERCURIUA ROD GLISE DIVINE V.00 Centurion/Technique x2 Centuion/TP x4 ADEPT SOLD V801 CLIO x2 I also have lots of grinders SOLD Wants: Pow/dex mag and RA stuff
  2. Welcome to my establishment meatbags. I have a variety of protective equipment and implements of violence available for purchase or trade. Please message me with trade offers. This page will be updated on a weekly basis with my current stock and particular items I am seeking. I will accept rare item trades (NO TROLL ITEMS), especially exceptionally rare, event, or useful items, but will typically prefer the following as standard forms of payment: Photon Drops, Photon Spheres, Donation Tickets. This establishment does not provide credit or a tab. All transactions are final, with payment required immediately on receipt. LAST UPDATED ON: 6-22-18 Items Available For Purchase Or Trade:
  3. Looking to buy a set of psycho ravens with hit. Also a Rage de Glace V801 and smartlink Trading DT's and PD's Pm me with what you got
  4. Selling Some things That Sit in my Storage For Centuries! >.< "Weapons!" Bloody Art 0/40/0/35]35>>>30pd Blood Tornado 0/0/0/0]60>>>20DT Lindcray 0/0/0/25/0>>>25pd Cross Scar 40/0/0/35/35>>>5pd Diska Of Braveman 0/0/0/45/40>>>1pd Spirit Raygun+13 50/0/0/50/30>>>5pd Rianov 303SNR-2 35/0/0/0/40>>>10pd Rianov 303SNR-2 0/0/0/35/40>>>10pd Rianov 303SNR-2 45/40/0/0/50>>>15pd (charge) Rianov 303SNR-4 0/100/0/100]0 >>>20DT Rianov 303SNR-2 40/45/0/0/35>>>7pd Rianov 303SNR-2 0/0/45/0/40>>>10pd Rianov 303SNR-3 0/40/30/40>>>10pd Berserk Vulcan+9 0/0/35/0/35>>>2pd $Rambling May 0/0/0/35>>>10pd $Slicer of Vengence 0/0/0/35>>>35pd (Untekked lol) Hitogata 90/0/30/0]0>>>33pd Glide Divine V.00>>>30pd XX Psycho Wand >>>30pd >>> Arrest Needle+60 0/25/0/100/80>>>70DT Holy Ray 0/10/0/0/10>>>2pd Heaven Punisher 0/0/35/25>>>5pd Suppressed Gun+9 Hell 0/0/35/40/10>>>7DT Caduceus 0/35/25/0/45>>>1pd Suppressed Gun+9 0/0/0/0/20>>>15pd Hell yasminkov 9000M+10>>>8DT Meteor Cudgel 0/0/0/50>>>1pd Master Raven+9 (blank)>>>3pd Last Swan 50/40/0/35>>>10pd (1/2) Last Swan (blank)>>>3pd Frozen Shooter 0/0/25/0/30>>>10pd Evil Curst (blank)>>>1pd (2) Rabbit Wand (blank)>>>Free Marina's Bag (blank)>>>2pd $Glide Divine V.00, 0/0/0/35>>>35pd Plaintain Huge Fan 0/20/0/0>>>35pd Charge Yasminkov 3000R+60 (blank)>>>7DT Heart Of Poumn (blank)>>>1pd Yasminkov 7000V (blank+no special)>>>10pd S-rank Hell Needle (Jellen+70) 15DT S-rank Demon Needle (Illusion+48) 15DT Sange 0/0/30/35/30>>>5pd Guilty Light 25/0/30/0/30>>>1pd Red Scorpio 45/30/0/0/25>>>1pd Phonon Maser+36 0/40/70/0>>>2pd DB's Saber 0/25/0/0/30>>>1pd DB's Saber 0/35/35/0/40>>>1pd Angel Harp 0/30/35/50>>>2pd Angel Harp+50 0/25/40/20>>>3pd Angel Harp 0/30/35/50>>>2pd Angel Harp 40/0/40/40>>>4pd Angel Harp 40/0/40/50>>>4pd &&&&&>>> Demolition Comet 0/0/0/0/40>>>5pd Ruby Bullet 0/0/0/20/10>>>5pd &&&&&>>> Amore Rose 40/50/0/30>>>3pd &&&&&&>>> Amore Rose 30/0/0/0/35>>>5pd Amore Rose 0/70/0/25>>>3pd Amore Rose 0/0/40/0/40>>>5pd Amore Rose 0/40/40/40>>>4pd &&&&>>> Lame D'Argent 0/0/35/0>>>10pd Stealth Sword 40/0/0/0>>>1pd Ophelie seize 0/0/40/35>>>1pd Ophelie seize (blank)>>>1pd Ophelie seize 0/0/30/0>>>1pd Commander Blade (blank)>>>Free Yungchang (blank)>>>1pd Asteron Striker 0/20/25/0/20>>>30pd Cannon Rouge 0/15/0/0/30>>>15pd "Armor!" DB's armor>>>Free Rico's glasses>>>3pd Secure Feet>>>1pd Guard Wave>>>1pd DF field>>>1pd Electro Frame>>>1pd Sacred Cloth>>>2pd Scared Cloth>>>2pd Smoking Plate>>>1pd Red Odoshi Domaru>>>1pd Black Odoshi Red Nimaidou>>>1pd Blue Odoshi Violet Nimadou>>>1pd Kroe's sweater>>>2pd Red Coat>>>2pd Cat Ears>>>15pd Dress Plate>>>5pd Tempest Cloak>>>2pd Tempest Cloak>>>2pd Select Cloak>>>Free Spirit Cuirass>>>Free Crimson Coat>>>Free Infantry Mantle>>>Free >>> >>> >>> >>> Shields! (3/3) Red Ring (min)>>>9DT $Genpei>>>15pd >>> Rico's Glasses>>>2pd Secure Feet>>>1pd Rupika>>>1pd Cat Ears>>>15pd "Units!" Yasakani magatame>>>1pd V501>>>3pd (3) V801>>>Free Swordsman lore>>>1pd (1) Heaven Battle>>>1pd Centurion/Ability>>>3pd (3) Centurion/technique>>>5pd Godric's/Ability>>>1pd Centurion/Arms>>>10pd "Mags!" Tellusis 5/175/20/0>>>20pd Soniti 15/0/0/185>>>15pd Angel Wings 5/95/50/50>>>14pd Sato 5/150/45/0 (pink/purple)>>>15pd Sato 5/148/47/0 (blue/turquoise)>>>15pd (Pink)Love Rappy 5/0/43/152>>>16pd $(Pink)Love Rappy 5/0/45/150>>>20pd $Pitri 5/0/45/150>>>15pd $Elenor 5/0/45/150>>>15pd $Soniti 5/0/45/150>>>15pd "Spells!" Anti level 5>>>1pd Anti level 6>>>2pd Anti level 7>>>2pd Deband level 15>>>Free Shifta level 15 (x2)>>>Free Gizonde level 15>>>Free Zonde level 15 (x2)>>>Free Gibarta level 15 (x3)>>>Free Foie level 15>>>Free Gifoie level 15>>>Free Rafoie level 15>>>Free Razonde level15>>>Free Resta level 15>>>1pd Zalure level 15>>>Free Resta level 18>>>Free Zalure level 18>>>1pd Gizonde level 20>>>1pd Foie level 20 (x4)>>>1pd Resta level 20 (x5)>>>1pd Barta level 20 (x4)>>>1pd Shifta level 20>>>1pd Zalure level 20>>>2pd Zonde level 20>>>1pd Megid level 23>>>1pd Grant level 24>>>1pd Resta level 27>>>1pd Zonde level 28>>>1pd Gifoie level 29>>>1pd Rabarta level 29>>>1pd shifta level 29>>>1pd Gibarta level 29>>>1pd Barta level 29 (x2)>>>1pd Resta level 29 (x2)>>>1pd Zonde level 29 (x2)>>>1pd Rabarta level 29 (x2)>>>1pd Deband level 29>>>1pd Zalure level 29>>>1pd Resta level 30 (x3)>>>1pd Jellen level 30>>>2pd Zalure level 30>>>2pd "materials!" Monogrinder(s) x0>>>10;1pd Digrinder(s) x0>>>8;1pd Trigrinder(s) x0>>>6;1pd Def Material(s) 0x>>>10;1pd Mind mats(s) x0>>>5;1pd Evade Mats(s) x0>>>10;1pd Power mats(s) x0>>>5;1pd Luck mat(s) x0>>>1;1pd TP mat(s) x0>>>3;1pd HP mat(s) x0>>>3;1pd (1) Photon Booster>>>25pd Syncesta>>>6pd I shall add lot's more, but in the mean time... This is all i have for now =) What's someone's trash is another man's treasure!
  5. Title says it all. I'm selling off one of my Psycho Ravens , fully grinded and waiting for a new owner to customize it how they see fit. I have some wants listed but feel free to make offers. EDIT: Trade is done , this topic can be locked.
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