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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone, my name is FALC0N (UsurpDr7 in game, cuz I was really edgy 3 years ago), and I love to draw. I'll be posting here fanart of characters from different episodes, my characters, and if anyone wants to, requests from other users. Hope everyone enjoys what I do! The first one i'll be posting here is the nurse from Episode 2. I died once, and couldn't revive, so, when I went back to Pioneer 2 and saw the nurse, I just decided to draw her. Yep, nothing interesting. If anyone wants to make a requests, just PM me!
  2. Zeldya


    Some PSOBB fanarts. No more Sweetie Boometta : Evolveon : Mechazora, ten years ago : Evolver & Impah (+18 content : Explicit Machines)
  3. R-78

    R-78 Gallery

    Need more drawings in that section so I post some of mine :] Sinow White - upgraded Sinow Karanz - upgraded Baranz Virlan - evolved Merlan Delsaber S - evolved Delsaber Shiida - Racaseal Traihart - Humar Catria - Hunewearl Linde - Fomarl TaeYeon - First time (and probably last XD) I try to draw an IRL person Cyane - Named after someone here Nimura & Sasaki - Associate Special Class Investigators Shiida - Human version
  4. So i was wondering, if i were to host a drawing contest here at Ultima, who would participate? Also i was hoping to reward the top 3 entries with pd's (however i only have around 15 atm, so if someone could 'sponsor' this contest by giving me a few more to hand out as a reward, that would be greatly appreciated). I know this seems kinda out of the blue, but i think it would be a fun thing for people to do. So if you guys can just reply if you would draw something (i will keep the time frame reasonable of course, maybe 3-4 weeks?) for the contest. I would like it to be an anime styled contest (this is commonly referred to as the easiest style to draw) but i won't keep it limited to that, i would judge every entry the same regardless of art style. Requirements would be something along the lines of no nudity, and that's probably all i would request lol . I would be fine if you wanted to submit more than one entry as well. You could put you're drawing on imgur or something like that and link it, pm me a download link, etc (if this actually follows through of course).
  5. Curious, i have just finished drawing this sketch. Now i'm a little stuck lol, should i shade it? Or should i color it? I personally prefer black and white with shading, but what do you guys think? Any feedback would be appreciated
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