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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone as the title says so, there's a new donation system starting tonight. I will try to explain as best I can the new donations ticket system (DTS). First of all I already tested the application in a demo forum and i didn't find any bug on it so far. if you find a bug or an error please send a PM to me or any member of the staff. Now i will like to give a little explanation on what is new and how to use it. The donation process is the same. Once you donate you will receive a PM with details of your donation, following you will add a GM so he/she can redeem the item in game. Once you donate if you go to your profile you will be able to see the amount that you have collected. Once Item is redeem in game the GM or member of the staff will edit that amount leaving a Note on it regarding the redeem of such items. This will work for you as a log of transactions, only you will be able to see this!! Another one new feature is the ability to transfer your DTS to another member. Again once you donate you will receive a PM with the details of your donation. And in your profile you can see the compiled amount you own of DTS. --- IF you want to transfer some of your DTS to another member the following rules apply. First and important, you will use the new app to transfer the desire amount to such member, system will auto deduct the amount you sent, (please add a note to the transfer so we can have a good log of the transfers!.) after this the member has to go to his profile and accept this transfer ---IMPORTANT (THIS IS NOT REFUND-ABLE NOR WE ARE ABLE TO TRANSFER BACK THE AMOUNT TO THE ORIGINAL OWNER) Second, in the original PM you got from your first donation, you will mention to whom did you transferred the amount , again staff will check this and once the amount is accepted by the other member we will add him to the PM to proceed with the redeem of items. I believe i have cover all the major changes here. If you have a question feel free to post it here.
  2. Hello mate ! You just came on this server, you barely know about PDS (http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/topic/341-photon-drops-info) and already, people are talking about DTS... So what is this strange beast, and how to get your way around that... WHAT IS IT ? In order to maintain the server alive (since well everything come with a price), you have the wonderful possibility to make a donation to the server. When you make a donation, you get what we call DTS or DT, standing for Donation TicketS. 1 DT = 1 $ DTS can then be used for at least two things : - Redeeming things in this list : https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/announcement/13-item-list-donations/ - Trading with other players How to get it ? First, you need to visit this page : https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/donate/make-donation/ When you've been through the procedure, you will then receive a automatic personal message (pm) from @Larva, with "New Donation" as the title. (Larva will most probably never read it, so don't lose your time trying to answer him ^^) Just to be sure, the message will be the following : What to do with it ? 1. To redeem for donation list item/service In that pm, you will see at the top something like (outside the Conversation box area) : Click on "add" and enter the name of one of the GM (@cyane and @Soly by example) Then, if you want to redeem for something in the donation list. Well, make a nice post in that pm asking for what you want. The GM will put the item on one of your character (first slot by default, but if you're online with your first character it will be on second slot, something like that). You can also ask a GM on the chat or in game. If they have enough time and you ask nicely enough =) they will ask you to "up the pm" which means you have to post in the pm where your DTs are so that they can see it. They can then join you in a room in game and redeem on the spot. 2. To trade with a player - Add the player to the pm (yes still the one with your DTS, that you get from that Larva) the same way you've added the GM before (even if you do not redeem, DO ADD A GM before adding someone else). That way, people knows that you have enough DTS to make the trade. - Post a message in this pm saying something like : "x DTS to thatguy" where 'x' is the number of DTS and 'thatguy' is the pseudo of the trader (the forum pseudo). You can also write a true sentence like "I give x DTS to thatguy for that item and also that" - The trader will give you what he/she promised you in exchange of the dts. It will happen in game, you need to make a party (with password or not, free to you) and the trader will join the room (if you told him the room's name and the password via pm before, of course) and give you what he/she owes you (according to the terms of your previous agreement). Simply put : Add the trader to the pm > post how much you give him > make a room and share the name/password with the trader > get your items A bit of informations about trading... People used to trade 15 DTS for 99 PDS, so like 1 DTS for 6.6 PDS That is not set in stone and will depend on the market/trader, obviously. Key points -DTS are stored as post on the forum in your PMs, therefore it's not an in game item. -You need to add people to the pm with your DTS in order to sell them. -You need to be added to the pm with other people's DTS in order to buy them. -If you have DTS in many different PMs, you need to ask a GM to move them all in one PM in order to be able to use them as a whole. (if you wanna buy something worth 10 DTS and you have 2 PMs with 5 DTS each, gather them first before the trade) -In order to move your DTS, the GM must first be added in both pm. -When you don't have any DTS left in a pm, you may leave this pm. Make really sure there is nothing left. -Obvious but : only GM can redeem things from the Donation List. You just don't need to meet them in game in order to get the items. Tips -Most of the time, it is CHEAPER to just get the item from the players than from the Donation List. So don't get in a hurry, take your time to ask people around. They will not eat you, eventually. -When 15 dts = 99 pds, it is cheaper to sphere your weapons with dts than with pds. 15 dts get you + 35 % where 99 pds get you + 30 % (don't even argue with yourself, YES, 5 % is a big difference ^^) -Do not trade all of your pds in dts. You need to keep some pds in your bank (like 50-99 would be a good thing ^^ optimally ofc) because some GM's event will ask you for pds every once in a while, and at that time the dts value is greatly decreased. -Considering the above point, try to think that way : only trade your pds for dts when you need it and no more than the amount you need. PDs will most likely always be a more reliable value than DTs. That's it for now. If I made some mistakes (I must have ! One cannot be just flawless...), please feel free to correct me and point out what's wrong. If it's incomplete, well post your two cents and I will add it (with credits !) to that post. If you have a question... do I need to hold your hand ?
  3. Assuming you're already into donations, or earned some via trades, you now feel you are running out of message space and need some spring cleaning done in your inbox. First step to get it done faster Start a pm, with the title "Donation Merge" Or something along those lines Add the links of the other messages there. Leave on top the message where you want them moved to. Like this: Press send and wait, a gm will do it when available :3 Doing this so you aren't bumping each others pms all the time! Happy tradings ________________________________________________________________ ESPAÑOL Asumiendo que ya estás en donaciones, o ganastes algunos través de trades, ahora sientes que estás quedando sin espacio en tus messages y necesitas un poco de limpieza de primavera hecho en tu inbox(caja de messajes). Primer paso para lograr que se haga más rápido Inicia una PM, con el título "Donación Merge" O algo en ese sentido Añade los enlaces(links) de los otras mensajes allí. Deja en la parte superior de la mesaje en el que ellos seran movidos. Como este: Presione enviar y aguarde, un GM lo hará cuando esté disponible: 3 Haciendo esto para que no movan las pms de los otros todo el tiempo! Trocas felices!
  4. Hey there fellas and gals, it was my birthday recently so I thought I would donate some dosh and get some cool items. Currently the only thing I have planned is to get a heart of chu chu and maybe another mag cell. So I was just wondering, anything particularity good that I should get? I don't really want a weapon or something along those lines as I like getting those myself, maybe like a unit or armor. Ideas? Have an awesome day~!
  5. Hello, I have been trying to donate but the paypal would not let me, Is there any other payment options then the one provided? if so i would like to donate using that.
  6. Probably the title of this topics is bit ambiguous, but I will try to explain this as best i can. Ultima server has a opportunity to obtain a tool that would allow us to completely create new items. During the years we been editing unused item (except Ultima Reaper that is a new item) in the game to make them different, by changing name, stats etc.. But editing existing items cant be done forever, it will be some day when we will not have more items to edit. In the other hand, with this tool we can create items for the game, from weapons, shields, unique items, items combine etc. BUT (everything has a but lol) to do this we need the help of the community. so we are offering the following. To the first 4 member who donate $65 (we only need 4) we are going to create a exclusive items for this member, the item will be your choice, we have some little rules for this. as for example edit:. I been receiving petitions for super ultra ubber weapons, therefore i want to be more clear with detail of weapons . the weapons will be as follow, we will gave you any kind of weapon you want. the stats of the weapon, we will set a valanced stats that would be fare good. If the user wants a expecific Skin the user must provide the files needed for the skin. otherwhise we will use a default one of the game. next you can find a quote of Lee, where he explains more clearly what you can get in the term of a weapon. This donations will help us to raise founds to get the tool and to maintain the server expenses, for we will need to pay the tool. Also I want to add this, i know not all users cant donate because of different reasons, I want from all member to understand, that this is to help the community and the server, this tool will help us in the feature by adding new items, and new cool things to the game. all this said, Thanks for reading if any user is interesting, please send me a PM. https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=pFtQ-vfnpwS_xeER5IUka4efuYGWjVZtGAfNwMIRD1gBdkOcmI8X2CEfDve&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8d96fc0752e9614158f04872d2f2ae25dc Español Probablemnete el titulo de este topico es un poco ambiguo, pero intentare explicarlo de la mejor manera. Ultima server tiene la oportunidad de obtener una nueva herramienta la cual nos permitira completar crear nuevos items completamente. En estos años hemos estado editando items que no se usaban (excepto la ultima reaper esa es un nuevo item) en el juego para hacerlos diferentes, cambienod el nombre, los atributos etc... pero editar objetos no puede ser echo para siempre, llegara el dia que se terminen y no podremos editar mas. Por otro lado, con esta herramienta nosotros podemos crear items para el juego,armas, armaduras,objetos unicos etc. Pero (todo tiene un pero) necesitamos la ayuda de la comunidad, asi que estamos ofreciendo lo siguiente. los primeros 4 miembors que donen $65 vamos a crear items exclusivos para ellos, el objeto sera de su eleccion, tenemos unas pocas reglas para esto. como ejemplo. no pregunten por darkflow o cualquier clase con 3000atp eso es una peticion ridicula. Una de las reglas es que el arma debe tener el nombre del personaje, asi podremos rastrear esta arma en caso de perdida o lo que sea. si deceas un skin personalizado, deveras proporsionar los files necesarios del skin. Estas donaciones nos ayudaran a mantener los gastos del servidor. por lo que tendremos que pagar por la herramienta. Tambien quiero agregar esto. yo se que todos los user no pueden donar por las diferentes razones, quiero q todos entiendan, que esto es muy util para la comunidad y el servidor, esta nueva herramienta nos ayudara con las caracteristicas agregadas a los objetos creados y nuevas cosas al juego. Bueno por ahora es todo. gracias por tomarce el tiempo de leer. Si alguien esta interesado, por favor mandarme un mensage privado. https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=pFtQ-vfnpwS_xeER5IUka4efuYGWjVZtGAfNwMIRD1gBdkOcmI8X2CEfDve&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8d96fc0752e9614158f04872d2f2ae25dc
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