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Found 7 results

  1. So during the Christmas event last year 1 of my noob/hp was lost in the common bank, I made a post in this section but nobody responded. I didn't care too much because I still had 4 left. Just recently however, all 4 of my remaining noob/hps evaporated after putting them back in common bank. PLEASE HELP!
  2. Guildcard: 42160604 Character Slot: 1 Date/Time: 6/1/2016 - : 12:14 PM CST Description: Syn loaned me a DM when I was on my FOmar and I deposited it into the common bank to change to my RAmarl when I logged back in the item was not in my common bank. I contacted Syn and asked if he still had the item he got back online and it wasn't there Comments: The stats on the DM are 0/100/0/90/80. I was just recently schooled on the common bank and now I don't use it all this is where my problems come in at and I noticed its always around the same time in the am on the nights I stay up really late and play. Notes: Guildcard -Syn's GC number is - 42086467 -Syn's Character Slot is 3 -N/A Character Slot -Character slot 1 -Character Bank -Character Person Date/Time -2:45 am server time apx -4:45 am CST apx ​Sorry for the inconvenience
  3. Hi I'm kinda new here, I have been leveling up a few characters in my spare time, and as such I have been swapping my higher-level mags between the characters as I level. Tonight, on Sept 5th, 2015 at around 8:40pm (Pacific time) I just took on an episode 4 quest, switched to common bank and tried to withdraw my mags. they left the bank, but never landed in my inventory. I tested the disappearance glitch to verify it with a Brionac partisan and it diappeared as well (but I'm not overly attached to it) The Mags however... I'll be so sad if I lose them, because.. those took time to figure out and level up ; ; Ill try to recreate their stats as best I can from memory, The first one was a lv 200 Gray Savitri Defense 15 Power 135 Dexterity 50 Mind 0 Synch 120% IQ 200 middle blast: Estlla (ranger dolphin) Right blast: Pilla Left blast: Milla/Youlla Second was a lvl 200 Hamburger mag, idr the original mag color (wish I hadnt used that mag cell though ; ; ) Defense 15(?) Power 15(?) Dexterity 80 (definitely) Mind 90 (definitely) Synch 20%-ish IQ 200 Middle blast: Estlla (ranger dolphin) Right Blast: Pilla Left: Milla/Youlla Thrid Mag I am actively Raising lvl 71 Asparas, I think black color Defense 10 Power 24 Dexterity 17 Mind 20 Synch (?), probably 0 IQ (?) Middle Blast: Farlla (hunter snake) Right Blast: Pilla left blast --dont have yet--- (trying to get Milla/Youlla) I took a screenshot of my guildcard and where I am standing once I realized what happened. I blame these NPCs, they wanted my mags and stole them D:< lol http://i793.photobucket.com/albums/yy211/quantumsteam/150905%20PSOBB%20Ultima%20Tabor.png but seriously, Im so sad right now, is there any hope for me? /weep
  4. Hello, I had just taken a mag out of my common bank when I had a disconnect. I logged back in to find that 17 of my items had now become bugged ???? items. The mag (lv 90 Madhu) was one of the non-bugged items. I did not take any screenshots of my character's items before the crash, but I did take picture of the inventory afterwards. Character Name: Smick Guild Card #: 42102345 Slot: Two Class: Greenill Ramar level 50 The crash occured around 8:35pm PST. If a rollback is possible to before the crash, it would be greatly appreciated. Pictures:
  5. Hey, I am requesting a rollback for my character named tjs , she's a hunewearl in game slot number one. I was depositing a red handgun into my common bank when it crashed. I logged back in just to find an inferno bazooka and my diska of liberator to be there along with my money. The red handgun didn't make it into the bank either. Unfortunately I don't have pictures before hand, but her inventory hasn't changed much so a single rollback should work fine. Info: Character name: tjs Guild card #: 42102285 Slot: One Class: blueful hunewearl level 110 Item loss occurred 50 minutes prior to this post. At 12:40pm EST. Please help, and thanks in advance. I only have pictures from after, i just started playing on this server about a week ago so hopefully i don't get rolled back too far.
  6. Hey recently my common bank glitched, where i can put stuff into it put i cannot take it out. I've tried taking it out and every time i get disconnected, (on all four of my accounts on different days) any help at all is appreciated.
  7. okay so ive just had a roleback request because crap happened on my character syn and i lost my inventory in this case my inventory is still intact my problem is this with none of my characters can i access my common bank. when i try to the game full on freezes and i the computer says that Psobb has stopped working also i can see that there is i ???? item in my common bank now. no i cannot screen shot this ive tried 20 times now anywho i dont know if theres anything you can do about this but i have tried with all of my chars its not just one it effects them all so please help if possible thanks from Syn/TehDruid/Purplenum/Broseph
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