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Found 5 results

  1. I need cell kapu kapu plis, i have 1 pd / Necesito un cell kapu kapu por favor, tengo 1 pd.
  2. B> panther's soul or tail pm me price and stats in case panther tail
  3. Are there any "Mag Breeders" left these days? It's been awhile since I've needed a new mag. But my 2nd and 3rd chars can use some new ones. I need "Angel Wings". I can provide a new MAG and MAG Cell. (However, I've heard rumors of dropped mags that start at lvl 0 ... with 0 for DEF. If this is true, I'd be willing to pay for that mag.) Stats Needed: DEF = 0-5 POW = 140 DEX = 55 MIND = 0 I do not have any DTS. I can pay in PD's and will pay half up front if you decide to take the job. Please let me know if you are willing and able and if so a timetable to find you in-game. (I am on EST)
  4. Hello! I Would REEEEEEEALLY Love it if someone can trade with me for a Agastya mag, Please reply!
  5. Here are things I'm willing to sell/trade. Most prices I list are negotiable. You can find me in game as tru1, tru8, tru9, TRU or trufox, so if feel free to PM me, comment here or meet me in game with an offer thanks For Sale: DF Shield ~25PD Kroe's Sweater ~15PD Honeycomb Reflector ~8PD Ashura Mag Cell ~8PD Rainbow Baton 25/0/0/0/40 ~10PD ~5PD Syncesta (2 available) Tablet Heart of Morolian Rappy's Beak Spread Needle L&K Combat 30/0/0/0 Last Swan Earth Wand Brownie 35/35/0/0/45 ~4PD Yasminkov 9000M Aura Field Def+283 EVP+146 Aura Field Def+283 EVP+136 ~3PD Yasminkov 7000S Sonic Knuckle 0/0/20/0/50 Aura Field Def+281 EVP+146 Aura Field Def+279 EVP+155 Resta level 20 ~2PD Sonic Knuckle 0/30/0/0/20 Guard Wave Def+212 EVP+126 Aura Field Def+277 EVP+139 Resta level 28 Resta level 27 Caduceus Dragon Slayer 0/25/0/0/25 Earth Wand Brownie 0/0/0/10 and 35/25/0/0 S-Beat's Blade Red Saber 25/0/30/0/20 and 0/0/0/40/25 Gizonde Level 20 Rafoie level 20 Razonde level 20 Clio 0/0/25/0 ~1PD (Cheap stuff, may do 2 for 1 PD depending) Heavenly/Arms V801 God/Body God/Mind Holy Ray Fire Scepter: Agni Sense Plate Standstill Shield (min) Tanegashima Handgun: Milla Yasminkov 3000R Sange 0/10/15/0 Demolition Comet Angel Harp Ophelie Seize 40/0/40/40 Rabbit Wand 0/0/0/0/35 Red Handgun 15/15/0/0 Phoenix Claw Victory Axe Wals-MK2 Elysion 0/0/0/20 Guard Wave (3 available) Def+196 EVP+123, Def+173 EVP+110, Def+203 EVP+112 Aura Field Def+261 EVP+139, Def+269 EVP+144 Flowen's Shield Def+69 EVP+75 Star Amplifier Amplifier of Foie Amplifier of Zonde Amplifier of Barta Hildebear's Cane Hildeblue's Cane Windmill Frozen Shooter 20/20/0/0 Madam's Umbrella Crazy Tune 25/5/0/0, 10/0/0/0 and 25/25/0/0 Sonic Knuckle 15/30/20/0, 35/25/0/0 Red Saber Ice Staff: Dagon Vjaya Diska of Braveman Club of Laconium HP/Revival Cure/Confuse Revival Garment Regenerate Gear Yata Mirror Heart of Angel Heart of Devil (other saint rappy drops) Rafoie level 15 Zalure level 15 Barta level 15 Zonde level 15 Resta level 24 Other Various Items Add slots (4 for 1 PD) Photon Drops 35 Photon Crystal 19 Def material X61 (8 for 1 PD) Evade Material X42 (8 for 1PD) HP Material X34 (5 for 1PD) Wants: (HIGH PRIORITY) Photon Drops Girasole Godric's Cloak Glide Divine Mid wants Bringer's rifle/c bringer's right arm Centurion/Mind God/Technique, Heavenly/Technique Mother Garb+ Lame D' Argent/Excalibur Level 26 or above buffs and debuffs Low wants Principle's Gift Parasol Power/Mind Materials Liberta Kit Noob/HP (just 1) Possibly other high level techniques
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