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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone, As a newcomer to the phantasy star series I was wondering if this version was including the episode 4 that doesn't seem to be on any console Version and as I'd really like to play all of this series of it's possible
  2. There was a Alys skin long ago made by highbass . But unfourtunetly the download file has been removed, cause of inactivity or something. Is it still possible that someone of u downloaded it and maybe can reupload it. That would be awesome^^
  3. I know there are a lot of Phantasy Star Lovers out there, so this page will allow you to post your screenshots of Miscellaneous Phantasy Star games. I'll Start. Don't post your Ultima Screenshots here, there is already a section for that via this link: http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/topic/50-show-your-screenshots/ Ideas of screenshots you can post: I miss my master system, good thing i got an emulator ^^ C-Mode is a pain...but the music is so good ^^ Getting Sideways lol Finally got psp2 to work on the emulator ^^
  4. Note: I posted this on reddit in the PSO section in case you've seen me there. The build in the video is an earlier build than I have for testing. It is only two days of progress. I am a fan of the PSO series and was inspired to make a game that incorporates some of the elements from that game, but branches out into a new experience. I need people who are interested in testing the game and giving me constructive criticism. I also wouldn't mind working with a spriter as well to lesson my load in creating assets. Current Build: 0.15 (Newer than above video) Link: http://www.mediafire..._Galaxy_015.zip What I need to know: -Is the speed of everything appropriate? -What could be improved? -Suggestions and things to add(?)
  5. Hey, has anyone had the chance to try out Phantasy Star Online 2? Do you think it is good or will be good? I'm a bit curious about it, but I haven't really had the chance. Is it just online or does it have the duality like PSO did on Gamecube and such? Thanks guys.
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