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Found 6 results

  1. Can the Launcher save login info? So I don't have to go to Register my User ID every time I start/switch characters and have to retype my name/password? I think I read somewhere it's supposed to save automatically.... Sorry if this has come up, couldn't find it in any searches, I'm a new player.
  2. My game constantly crashes as I'm trying to log in, specifically on the screen where it says "Connecting to the server, please wait...". I know that the server isn't down, as the launcher and website show 30 people currently online. I was able to play the game about a week ago, with no problems, but now it won't work. The game doesn't even crash until I open up the task manager, and then it prompts the "application is not responding" and closes. There is nothing in the error log, I never even get to see an error message. Here's a list of things I have tried: Uninstall and re-install Run as administrator Ensure my game is up to date Turn off all virus protection Add both the launcher and psobb.exe to the list of allowed programs in the firewall settings Change password, to ensure I'm using the right one And yes, I did restart my computer multiple times throughout this process I can't even think of anything that has changed since I last played, certainly nothing major. I even went and started up a couple of other online games, and had no real issues. Anybody have any clue on this?
  3. Hey.first.off.my.spacebar.doesnt.work.so.I.apologize.in.advance.but.i.have,been.attempting.to.get.on.registered.my.account.and.would.love.to.play.Blue.Burst.but.its,saying.i.didnt.confirm.the.account.Could.someone.please.help.ty
  4. So after the recent rollback I tried to log in and now it says my username and password are incorrect. I have everything written down correctly and had the information saved in the loader, but today only my username was saved. After many attempts with no sucess, I went back to the registration page and redid the registration with the same account name and password and it gave me no errors. Is it possible for two people to have the same login information or was my original account just lost somehow?
  5. Hola a todos! Hacía un año que no pasaba por aqui y que no entraba al juego,y hoy he intentado hacer log in en el juego pero no recuerdo la contraseña (Sí el nombre de usuario). La cosa es que utilizando la herramienta de la web para recuperar contraseña no funciona ¿que tengo que hacer? Me gustaría recuperar a mis personajes. Gracias a todos.
  6. este problema me ha tenido por muchos días y no puedo solucionarlo ya que cada vez que abro el juego este archivo nunca deja aparecer y de paso no me deja entrar al juego me digo si podrían ayudarme con este problema ......... el archivo no se deja de descargar cada vez que intento entrar y no tengo ningún antivirus activo ni nada por el estilo...........X_X Atte Miguelalex
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