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Found 2 results

  1. Event is now closed, polls will be up for 24 hours. By Participating in this event you agree to these Amazing Prizes! 1rd Place earns them self 10 dts! 2th Place will receive a -5 hit baecon 3nd Place gets a 2 minute temp ban from soly right before you get to olga flow in roct 4st Place deserves a -5 hit saber 5th Place a sues coat 6th you agree to pay me 100000 meseta Have you ever thought the forums were too serious? Did you have something funny to say or post but the topic would be derailed and then the thread closed because of you? Have you been scared about being off topic? Has cyane ever deleted an inside joke between you and wilson? Well not anymore! I give you the ~Comical Forum Event~ Such Event so pun much funny very posts Wow The entire game of this event is to go out and find a recent post within any thread1 and make a pun, joke, picture, or roast of the person and what they said in this post. Event ends in 2 weeks on the 5th of June!\ Now closed How to have fun Few rules to be addressed 1. The post in the thread has to be within two months old starting today 2. The joke has to be in this thread only 3. The joke post has to have a quote to the post you are making fun of in question in this thread. 4. Use some form of respect towards the person/post in question, this is meant to be funny, and to the person who made the post in question, this is meant to be funny. Unless its directed at Doge 5. As always all forum/game rules apply First, take their post and follow these steps Multiquote Button 1. Click the multiquote button on the post you want to quote 2. Come back to this thread 3. click the reply to this topic button on the top right corner 4. the quote should show up, if does, make your funny in here. then this will show up Should end up like this and then you insert joke like: Everything about you is broken. That's it, have fun scouring the forums~
  2. So here's a recent song i've thought up, now I make these things in like 10 seconds, i type extremly fast as some of you may have noticed. Tell me what you think. ( I'm willing to sing/rap/read them out-loud on skype <3) My rhythm, and flow is undecided XD. Song 1: ( Instrumental to Eminem-Lose Yourself) No mistake BY. Undecided Cause Fate is a mistaken? not a gate to a way, to be payed, for the smiles on your face on the day, we all have eachother, and if you had no brothers, than look around you, that answer, here pick another of a birth but whats it worth, i've sworn worst, and seen worst, but whats better, to this letter, is that we all reminisce, and life becomes dence, soon along becomes a feather. or life becomes a haze, and the fuzz cuts your gaze, and soon you lose your way, so grasp onto another we all have eachother, and if you had no mother than darn-well i'll be your brother we all have eachother, and if you had no father, than look towards the sky, because god gave your charter, and that sure aint a lie So that you can live, and not strive, you can smile, and not cry, you go for days, and survive tough days, so you can live, and not strive, you can smile, and not cry, you could go for days, and survive the devil's plague. (Eminem) : You better lose yourself in the music, the moment, the wont it, than you better never let it go, you only get 1 shot, do not miss your chance to blow, Oppurtunity comes once in a life time. Rap Update #2: Swag Bear BY. Undecided Cause Inspired from: http://sccarl.wordpr...10/purple-bear/ T.I: Ready for Whatever (Instrumental) ( Not my video) Talking: " Yea, I'm a purple bear, why dontcha come give me a pet and I'll take your arm in 1 bite i bet, Im not barnie so get your sh** striaght you come into this cage and that'll be the end of your days, ha ha!. ( Rap Hook starts at... 0:52-ends at) Verse 1: So imma that kinda bear, that'll have you staring in amazement, Tallest walking around on 2 legs you gasping in amazement, Petrified's not the word, Im just 8 feet tall, which means your lucky this cage is smaller than your basement. Call me Mr. grape i got that furr that make dat money rain Inside of this cage isn't prison you shouldnt complain Outside of this cage I'd eat hell just about everybody, and everything Oh was that your child i ate, he tasted like mom's homemade chicken-Wangs Dont mistake me for a polar-bear, though my hearts as cold the world is Lock me inside this cage and tell me that you killed my kids, cry when i ate your son, now you think you get a special privledge? I say nah I just got even, and a free dinner all in 1 package. (Song Verse Remixed) Even though my head's to the sky, im planning on this pavement, highly walking around you people staring in amazement, take another another step and hell kid your done with, Better grab him momma or he'll be my sunday morn breakfeast, I'm Purple now and forever, and nothing's going to change this, Oh yes pull that release lever, and than i can just end this, all of you look like little chickens, and Im the master of the hen pen, soon as i get my hands on 1 of you than hell its Thanks Giving again. Big swag bear, my tail flowing in this faint wind, mistake me for something cute, and You'll be staring death in the face ina minute, Stretched behind these bars I don't mind if you watch me sleeping, just keep that gay fag zoo keeper from poking me up the butt calling it medicine. (Comedy finish LOL)
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