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Found 7 results

  1. Guildcard: 42115371 Character Slot: 1 - Melody Info: Stored approximately 2-3k meseta in the bank and the game crashed. Now almost all of my items are ???? This happened approximately 30 minutes ago. May I have a rollback please? 9:30ishhhh PST http://i.imgur.com/KhY6Fcy.jpg
  2. Hello, I had just taken a mag out of my common bank when I had a disconnect. I logged back in to find that 17 of my items had now become bugged ???? items. The mag (lv 90 Madhu) was one of the non-bugged items. I did not take any screenshots of my character's items before the crash, but I did take picture of the inventory afterwards. Character Name: Smick Guild Card #: 42102345 Slot: Two Class: Greenill Ramar level 50 The crash occured around 8:35pm PST. If a rollback is possible to before the crash, it would be greatly appreciated. Pictures:
  3. when i logged off yeasterday all was well, but whn i came bk on just now, all my RAs stuff has gone unequipable "????"s. its the second time this happens, and this time i lost things like Guld Milla, V502, V101, NUG2000-Bazooka, Slicer of Fanatic, and more O_O, and oh ye, another 2 mags!. this time they were lvl 120+, and ive now lost FIVE mags on this server o.o...
  4. Hola: Seré Breve... en mi inventorio tengo un ???? desde hace 1 mes y me saca del juego cuando me acerco a el. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Ojala puedan solucionarlo desde ya muchas gracias y que pasen unas felices fiestas Mi Guild card es 42088452 y es el segundo pj (moonshide)
  5. I logged in this morning to use my Lv 60, but the same thing had happened to that character as to HUNK (Items all being "????"). It was about 12:50am (UK), 26/10/2012 Slot 2: HUNKette Guild Card number: 42016215 Screenshot: http://i790.photobucket.com/albums/yy186/willJgreen94/pso1351252476.png Thanks again for your time. Will (HUNK)
  6. Dear GM(s) Between 02:40 and 02:55 (UK, London time) or thereabouts. I logged out then in again in order to change to my main, but my items were all "????". I was told to upload screenshots, provide my guild card number and about what time it happened so someone could help me out. Here is a link to the screenshot: http://i790.photobucket.com/albums/yy186/willJgreen94/pso1351129795.jpg My character's name is HUNK ( I don't know if you needed that. ) My Guild Card No: 42016215 Thanks for you time, your help is appreciated a LOT, since this is my main character. Thanks again. Will (HUNK)
  7. Hello, my problem is that all my items appear with question marks???? This happened when I was about to identify a rare item in the store, restart the game and when I returned to get my items were so???? The error occurred today Tuesday July 17 at approximately 8:00 pm (GMT -6:00) character: >gondra< Slot: 1 ID card: 42093865 Here is a screenshot of the bug http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/13/pso1342572693.png/ Thanks, I hope is resolved soon!
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