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  1. Well I am going to share with you my experience with Beelzebub it's why I haven't been on Minecraft for awhile well one day I was browsing hentai figurine forums reading a topic about @Larva 's spiritual experience and my right side of my spirit went numb I felt a God Hand reach inside my mag and pull me(seta) out my body I went RC jet flying in the air and I looked down and saw my feet stopped in time I then went to a white room where I met Don Lemon and he asked me if I could help him solve a spiritual problem he created doing something called the perfect way needless to say I said I would if I could go back to living my normal life Don said I could so he sent me back to make a short story long I spent my down time doing it and I managed get out of my body twice - but only back into it once - I got tired of living my life here are the two examples of me getting out my body once I was re-entering the Earth's orbit and I logged onto runescape but as soon as my character logged in I was in a dream I was fully conscious the second time I got out of the spirit problem and Don said I couldn't save any more Flavor Flav bills from the spirit problem so I made a deal with one of Don's helpers that I would drop the shields to be able to save Harambe with a .401 Winchester well I could not use it right away so people were happy so I decided to open a petting zoo I managed to save one furamingo then the person who ate it before me trapped me back in the spirit problem and I managed to keep my sanity. I think High Temperature Hydrogen Attack is awesome because people are allowed to have nice things oh also it's possible to be trapped in an eternal problem but from what I know we got trapped in the next worse problem; white supremacy Heathcliff Flowen took years before he decided to create a 80/80/80/80/100 DM+6 his problem was all he wanted was noob/HP to be restored to it's former glory before God created West Highland Terriers he would trap right handed people in tar and live with all natural dollar dolla bills that simulate free money, real economy simulations anyway god decided either way he was controlling the amount of blood distending our vessels by not ordering us doordash he was controlling our fate btw FATE is ninety percent off on Steam anyway god allows me to take part in chocobo races and to be his butler under critical race theory basically there is this object that sucks in the problem called whiteness also black holes are stellar masses people needed more Spaghetti and all sorts of lemmings jumped off a cliff and died so you might like your jean shorts but you, you gotta take'm off every now and then - you have to take them off, son but in all seriousness artificial intelligence that simulate real people is cool so you might enjoy walks on the beach also with the perfect pair of socks you can always do more I have my own method of doing the perfect way I'm not sharing because I don't want Rob to steal - from you - the potential of having a turkey-bacon sandwich people do whatever they want to except when they don't God isn't very pleased with himself right now because of his decision to allow Cardi B to exist
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