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  1. I wonder if it will work if I try it in Firefox-- (it didn't, the recaptcha didn't work) but it DID work in Safari. And the key was filled in. Woo-hoo! I guess that to use Chrome, the key is somewhere in removing the auto-fill feature. I guess I can figure that out at another time. Anyways, thanks for responding and helping me out! --Sky/Fly
  2. I send the email, and this is what I see (image 1) *I don't see a key in the email* and then, I am taken to this page (image 2) with the blank filled in but when I try to change my password, it gives me an error (image 3) And I've filled out the recaptcha successfully. Any ideas?
  3. I've tried that, but I don't remember the old password to the account in order to change to a new one... EDIT: Thank you for your reply!
  4. Hello all of you PSO BlueBursters, I made an account quite recently and completely forgot the password for my game account. (I didn't write it down, and it's different from my forum one. Oopsies.) I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to recovering the game account. My Guildcard and Username is: Username: fly4evaGuildcard: 42198307 I also have the email associated with the account if that is necessary. Thank you!
  5. Hi, I just logged back on to PSO BB and I noticed my 90k Meseta missing from my bank. All the meseta that was in my inventory, all items in my bank, and items in my inventory, are the same. Only I'm missing about 90k Meseta from my bank. I tried reloading the game and still at 0. Am I missing something? I thought maybe I accidentally put the Meseta in the communal bank, however, in order to do that I'd have to take out exactly whatever odd number was in my bank and be sure to place that exact amount in the common bank in order to have the amount that I currently have in my inventory. What??? ;_; I'm just wondering if this is a glitch anyone else has been running into, or if it means I've been hacked, or if I'm truly forgetting things. EDIT: I remember taking out my Meseta and giving some to a friend. Whoops!! That explains the Meseta loss. It completely was voided from my memory. Thank you. --Fly
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