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  1. looking to sell whats been sitting in my bank for awhile im willing to negotiate if the prices seem off this is my first time setting up a trade on the forums. Unit: x8 God/Body 1 PD (each) x3 HP/Revival 1 PD (each) x5 Devil Technique 1 PD each Cure/Shock 1 PD Cure/Confusec 1PD
  2. Sure, i will be on in a minute
  3. unfortunately i only have 3 PD on me so I can only afford the thirteen at the moment. perhaps if you are still selling them in the future ill will come back for the agito
  4. if not im willing to buy the agito (1975)
  5. are you still selling?
  6. Would you be willing to sell the thirteen for 3 PD?
  7. I had 4 Ogre on me but when I logged in they were changed to God Minds. can anyone help?
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