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  1. maybe add more weapon skills and some gag weapons like bait launcher, fires food that draws foes to it
  2. yeah it really makes running a force kinda lame, buffs and heals only... lol here's hoping they manage to remove it. gotta wonder why sega even made it that way?
  3. how about removing damage cancel? seems a VERY counter-productive thing to have in this kind of game. make mages fun again!!!
  4. auction house NPC, please please please make an auction house npc.
  5. feeling sorry for human forces lol also could try setting for 2 tp per second, but even 1 per second beats currently available stuff massively. besides getting to anything even remotely useful for tp regen as a human would not be fun i wager. also could make a frame or barrrier or unit that recovers some tp based on all damage dealt, i'd let ya'lls balance that though. <newman here, but pitying those human forces.
  6. maybe remake the maps that REQUIRE multiple players to pass. like those switches etc. feels kinda bad when nobody teams with ya for quite a few runs, only to find those switches require ya to have multiple members and ya can't pass progress without them.
  7. i didn't say make casts more powerful, i am asking for more variety in their boosts meaning different casts being good at different things.
  8. oh and make fomars useful their bonuses are out done by other forces, if ya'lls haven't done so yet. more variety to androids passive boosts.
  9. maybe some custom stages with custom foes? it's okay if ya take room segments from existing room and recolor existing foes, just make it evil as you guys can.
  10. please bring back the cracked mode, for those brave few willing to face it. never had a chance to try it, still new here, just unlocked ep 1&2 ultimate, now level 100, and still finding it a biiiit to easy
  11. when someone first makes a character on a new account, an item they can trade in for any one item they want, might help bring in new players, if word gets out. could be a time limited offer, and the items could be undroppable/untradable to prevent people from over using this to become truly op.
  12. a way to tell who is online in your team and friends-list, and a way to email team members.
  13. maybe a barrier, and units that boosts the range of zonde, barta, and foie? or the power, whichever.
  14. when will alis' resolve be available again? also any chance of a card that steals tp, and both the power and accuracy are mst based?and maybe a barrier type that once again boosts basic attack spells? trying to take full advantage of my fonewearls bonuses.
  15. maybe a special rare card that steals tp, and both power AND accuracy scale with mst? this would be a massive help for full mst build forces, that need tp, but hate getting to close to foes.
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