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  1. So treefitty how far you gonna drain my rep, you already made it go from 23 to -2.

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    2. Dizzak420
    3. Element


      I will help out to :D

    4. Mattmatt75


      i'll negative rep treefitty for yeah :D (only on post that deserves - rep)

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    1. TreeFitty
    2. Zeph


      Dizz... My ears hurt...

    3. Dizzak420


      that guy is hilarious! he does say the f word 300 times too

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  2. rampage speak english
  3. R.A.V.S.O's Battle Event

    I'll join
  4. hey you forgot to mention me, and just came back and now your leaving.... just leave me all your stuff and i will forgive you
  5. Advice for a Noob Nei/Rika Fan.

    i got a HUneweral named Nei and a Ramarl named Strika whom is named after Rika...i had to add the St to get the right color id i wanted. the original phantasy star series was classic and one best rpg series ever
  6. Was a Great Ride - Terry

    terry ill keep u as an admin cause you always stayed loyal to team, even when i was inactive
  7. Hey I'm back anybody miss me

  8. Was a Great Ride - Terry

    nice playin with you terry....gonna miss you man
  9. L33tserv Vs Ultima Event

    when you do the quest is it automatically recorded...and do you have to do it in ultimate?
  10. buenos tacos xP

    1. Biza


      de barbacoa? xD

    2. Larva


      de chorizo :P

  11. L33tserv Vs Ultima Event

    i was looking for a website of l33tserv to check it out, but i can't find it. anybody know where its at
  12. forums issues

    Hey I have noticed that on some forum posts that some words are underlined and it leads to a link. I'm not sure if it is caused by a virus or malware from individual computers, or if its from some kinda bug from the forums itself. At first I thought it was just me, because I noticed it on my tradelist. I have seen it on other peoples posts so its not just me. Anybody have a clue why this is?
  13. So does anybody have plans for the zombie apocalypse this year? Should we have an early pgf event just in case the aztecs were right?

    1. Red Devil

      Red Devil

      im actually care though :(

    2. THBlackie


      mayans dizz

    3. Dizzak420


      umm yea lol i meant mayans i was just testing you guys

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  14. forums issues

    yep its just me lol. great i probably have some kinda virus
  15. forums issues

    Am I the only seeing this, in the above post malware is underlined.
  16. hey are you still interested in that excal 50 hit...and i also have a sphered dual bird that is 35 hit...ur message box is full

  17. Legitly Found Parasetic gene Flow

    well red devil was the only person there so im sure he picked it up
  18. Oh, sup there newbs.

    why hey there vypor...welcome to ultima
  19. I'm done with pso forsure

    hey can i have some stuff insane xD
  20. LK38 Alternatives

    i say we go for the one option were it makes your name turn pink xD
  21. Now that whitill no longer has a good red ring drop, the id sucks! My main character is whitill. I was wondering if it was possible to add a drop for whitill. Like maybe Rianov-SNR-5 or dark meteor(no im jk about the dm XD). Or maybe psycho wand or merc rod or something I dunno.
  22. I have such an epic tradelist and yet i get no hits wtf xP

    1. Larva


      hahah problably is not so epic XDD

  23. Xbox Live

    Dizz420 xD
  24. FOweps increase & little more

    i like the idea boost of psycho wand, i think its a good idea....%30 really doesn't do much, so 45 is much better