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  1. Hi Everyone,

    just wanted to Know if i can make my own quests and add them somehow to Ultima.

    If yes, how can i make a Quest? Is there a Special Programm for it?

    Would appreciate to make some good stuff in there. ;)

    Also got some ideas ready

  2. Thanks for the reply.

    I already talked to them and i know how to get the pan, cause i done that before on the game cube version.

    But now i don´t even get the emblem from that guy during the mission "secret delivery".

    I´ve done all missions on very hard by the way

    even on normal he wont talk to me the right way to get the emblem.

  3. Hi,

    i tried to get the Akiko´s Frying Pan.

    So i beat all the missions on Very Hard in Single Player Mode and started the Secret Delivery mission.

    Then i talked to that guy from "WEAPONS". But he just said something about a beautiful weapon and thats it.

    I didn´t got an Emblem or even can´t answer with "!!!" on his question.

    Is this possible to fix? i would really appreciate it, thanks. :D

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