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  1. IP Address not available

    I recently came back to the game after a few months of not playing. I am trying to redownload the game however I am unable to get to the place to download it. I have checked my anti-virus and I haven't been able to find any other threads with a similar issue. Let me know if anyone can help me with this issue!
  2. Reset Password

    I haven't played for a really long time and I remember my forum account information but I do not remember my game account password. Can I get some help? EDIT: I finally figured out my password but not sure on how to delete posts.
  3. Game is not responding

    Thanks for the help!
  4. Game is not responding

    Sorry for not being able to reply right away, but I did think Windows 10 might have been a factor. Is it really windows 10 that is causing the issue?? And yes I am playing it in full screen.
  5. Game is not responding

    I haven't played in a few weeks so when I try to log in today I download the update and then I click on my character. However before it gets to the lobby the game is unresponsive and no matter what I try it will not load in. It has been doing this for the past hour now. Any help on this would be appreciated! Guild Card: 42153633 This character is in the first slot (haven't tried the second slot yet).
  6. Won't let me in the lobby

    Awesome! Thanks for the quick help!
  7. Won't let me in the lobby

    I am able to start the launcher, and log in and even choose my character. However right next to my type ( where it should say FOMarl or whatever else I may be) there are a bunch of question marks. When I click on my character to log in I choose the block but it wont allow my character to load into the lobby and then my game crashes. Please help! Edit: My character is in the first slot and my GC number is 42153633 Edit: I made another character in slot 2 and it is working fine