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  1. S>Psycho Wand. PM offers.

  2. I had evolved my mag at level 50 into a Kaitabha to learn the twins PB. I logged off and have come back to see it has changed back into the Brihava and doesn't have the twins PB now. Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated as always. GC: 42147944 Slot #4 Thank you.
  3. I am currently raising a mag to level 50 to get the twins PB and wanted to ask if I have the correct plan in place for getting the PB at level 50. Currently have an Ashvianu mag at 5/20/20/0. Does dex need to be at 25 in order for it to get twins at 50 or does power need to be 25? (Not great with mags ><) Edit: Answered, Thank you!
  4. B>Shifta 20

  5. Seems fixed after replacing the Keyboard...
  6. Have everything set to the lowest setting already and my anti-virus isn't blocking anything as far as I can see. I am going to go buy a new Keyboard and see if that fixes the problem. Only thing it seems can be messed up at this point. When it crashes it's almost like when you ctrl+backspace or w/e the reset combo is. So i'll try that and report back if it was something truly simple. XD
  7. Have never downloaded any of the skin packages. I made sure my graphics card drivers were up to date just to be safe and they were. Just tried to log on again and it did the same thing. Make it to the lobby and game crashes after about 45 secs.
  8. Hello. My game will launch normally, but once I get to the lobby and start a game it will just suddenly crash. So far I haven't got an error code of any kind, game just crashes. I have restarted my computer, reset connection, reinstalled the game completely, resolution is still the same as before. Any ideas on what I can do to fix this? Thank you. PS. I have tried reinstalling numerous times now. I can get into the lobby and the game will crash 45 seconds later everytime. Running everything will admin. Still nothing fixes the problem so far ><
  9. Which armor will a Ramarl get more use out of per say. Kroes Sweater or Sue's Coat? I guess 10 ata vs 100 atp is the main question?
  10. B>RR Min stats

  11. B>S/D lvl 20.

  12. S>100powmats/40Mind/10Hpmats S>Adept

    1. Vulgaris


      How much for the adept?

  13. Good Evening I logged into find that my Sato mag has deleveled from level 200 to 198. I leveled the mag back to 200 and restarted the game to see if that would fix the issue, but it went back down to 198 again. Stats should be 5/124/71/0 on the mag. I can't get my screenshots to load for some reason.... Character is slot 1. Any help with this is appreciated as always Thank you.
  14. No pictures...Gonna start doing that more often. Slot 1.
  15. Good Afternoon. I logged on just now to find that my Black Sato mag has changed back into Varaha just now. Not sure what has happened to cause this. Stats are currently 5/58/45/0 same as last night, but has just changed back into Varaha. Any help with resolving this is greatly appreciated as always. Thank you.
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