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  1. Yeah, took restarting it 5 times and rebooting my computer but it's working now. I figured that was the problem.
  2. Well, I've restarted my router three times now. Don't want to start another thread. Could a GM take a look at this for me? Guildcard is in my profile. EDIT: For the time being it appears it is working again.
  3. Wow, you are just all about answering my questions aren't you. Lol, thanks a lot I'll give that a shot.
  4. Hey, just tried logging in and it said I was banned from the server. Can't imagine why except that I just switched from using wifi to a hardline connection to my router.
  5. So I was wondering about those weapons that you merge to make twin swords or machine guns. What happens to each weapon's enemy percentages? Do they combine or get overwritten?
  6. I get the feeling that on a server as close knit as this one in terms of population your reputation is pretty important.
  7. Alright then, what's the protocol for trading? do we just drop items, screenshot, and then trust eachother?
  8. So I'm starting to build up my inventory and am planning on starting to attempt some trades in the near future. However, last time I attempted to trade with a friend the windows froze up and wouldn't complete. Does the trade window work? If not, what is the protocol for trading without one? I read the sticky in the trade window but it didn't say anything about the trade window or what to do without it.
  9. Hello everybody/ I figured I'd actually do one of these things, been a long time since I've been a part of a PSO community. I happened upon this server a little while ago and am quite happy with how the gameplay has been tweaked. Last time I played was just before they closed the gamecube servers, so it's been awhile. It's nice knocking the dust off this old character of mine. Looking forward to engaging in the community here and getting back into the swing of things. -Dav
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