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  1. It seems like no one came into the room I created... I waited a good 30 Minutes. I will hold this event again tomorrow, Sunday. Time: 3:00pm EST (-5:00 GMT) (Hope that nothing important comes up) I still have all my items. P.S.: I'm using my laptop to get on PSO. This sometimes overheat so I have to wait for cool down. Cool down will take around a good 20 Minutes or more but I will be back to give out items. If no one shows up then I will just give my account away.
  2. I'm leaving PSO and giving away all my items.... I will hold this giveaway on December 5th, Saturday. The time I will be holding this will be from 2:00pm EST (-5:00 GMT) The Room name are: GiveAway or DaGiveAway (having two different room name in case some people won't leave the room for others to come in). I will give away about 3 Items to each person. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE Rule, meaning whoever ask for the rares first will get it. (This means that you can log out and get your other characters to get more items because I will not give items to the same character twice... I will be taking all your character names so it won't happen. You are welcome to change character to get more items... it doesn't matter to me since I'm leaving server.) BONUS: You can request the items you want... I will not throw items on the floor randomly Please use http://phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=917 to request your item. I have more than what I posted but just ask for anything and I will check if I have the items you want. My Characters will be: Raizou(Whitill) - Holder of Melee Weapons and most items Silvaria(Bluefull) - Holder of all Ranger Weapons (Guns) Kanna(Skyly) - Holder of all Mage Weapons (Canes/Wands) Yuka(Redria) - Holder of all Storage Weapons/Armors (Misc. Weapon Types and Armors) Lenalee(Viridia) - Holder of all Usable Items(Monogrinders x15/Mind Mat. x12, etc.) I will go in order of my character in the list above. P.S.: Do not ask for items that my character does not have. For Example: Raizou have Melee Weapons and you are asking for Mage weapons... Just wait for me to get on my Mage character then join the party. I posted my character who holds what items for you all so it will not be so difficult. If I do not have much items left on my character then I will just start throwing items on the ground resulting me changing into another character so I can give away more items. ***Please do not pick up other people's requested item*** This is for everyone to join in. Be sure to be on this day... This is the only chance you get to receive some free items. Sometimes due to overheating on my Laptop I will have to wait for cool down so be patient.
  3. @desire: Thank you so much for helping me post up my screenshots. Here is my screenshot of my Garuda which glitched on me yesterday, i am hoping to get this mag fix with the proper stats and photon blast that i have previously posted and the color black.
  4. I would provide a screenshot but i do not know how to post the pics up... i know how to take pics by presssing prtscn and paste on Microsoft office word but do not know how to take it out and post it.
  5. I have a bugged Mag... I have a Garuda which keeps glitching. The stats on it is: Lvl 55 Def 8 Pow 8 Dex 39 Mind 0 Before this glitch, My mag use to have the stats below: Lvl 55 Def 5 Pow 8 Dex 42 Mind 0 I want to turn this mag into a black Sato with stats 5/150/45/0 but this glitch occurs when i went into different room parties. If a GM is out there... Please help me.
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