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A very good manga/un buen manga!


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here a vry good manga whit a good story and good charcters :onion-head11:the main charcter is kurono

the manga Gantz i started to read it because a friend told me that was amazing. I did not have any interest in manga But when I started can not stop reading i was :onion103: wow nice


here the link epi 1 check it http://www.mangaread.../chapter-1.html

here the link for more epis its better read a few episodes you will see it is trapped by the plot of this manga http://www.mangareader.net/97/gantz.html


he aqui un gran manga llamado gantz tiene una buena historia y buenos personajes

la empece a ver x un amigo q me dijo q era muy buena aunq en esos momentos no me interesaban los mangas pero cm me la recomendó le eche un vistazo y me parecio buenisima no pude parar de leer xD yo estaba :onion103: wow

aqui les dejo los link del primer capitulo http://animextremist.com/mangas-online/gantz/capitulo-1/gantz.html

y el resto para es mejor leer unos cuantos para q te atrape la trama xD



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Wow this is an old thread! How long it's been since anyone has been in this section....

Anyway. if anyone likes Gantz, you might like Sekai Oni: It starts off kind of the same, but it's about these kids who all face personal problems & see this weird reality reflected in anything reflective (mirrors, puddles, metal, etc.) due to what their doctors/psychologists call "Alice in the Mirror Syndrome"

!!!--- Small Spoiler Alert --- !!! Highlight white text bellow to read it ( it only effects beginning of manga, and explains how this is similar to Gantz)

Their conscience soon get pulled into an alternate world where they need to fight monsters while using what is called an "avatar" and is essentially a substitute doll (Think World Trigger) that is made from their life force. They can only return to their real bodies after they have defeated these weird monsters.

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