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Hello again my friends!


With Halloween quickly approaching, I figured it was time that I make a music pack for this spooky holiday.  The spookiest music I have is from my Castlevania albums of Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness.  To be quite honest, I've not listened to these albums in 20 years, but I found tracks to replace the music in the game for all the tracks I can replace.  Making this music pack was very interesting as the loops this time around was so complex that it took a lot of time to find the perfect places to find where to loop the music so it's seamless.  But, I was able to do it, and this music pack is of the highest quality that you've come to expect from me.


The reason I chose to use the Castlevania music is because it's medieval horror, while still being fun and engaging.  Also, for Halloween, the most iconic instrument for the holiday is the pipe organ - my most favorite instrument because I play the organ.  The most famous Halloween music for the organ is "Toccata and Feuge in d minor" by Johan Sebastian Bach - you know the one, it sounds like this: 


Anyway, the music of Castlevania has a lot of organ in the various pieces, and the toccatas for the boss fights, especially Falz has a LOT of Pipe Organ in it.  There's also some tracks that has distant church bells ringing while this ghostly, spooky melody is playing.  There are also tracks where there is a counter melody playing at the same time as the foreground melody making a very dissonant but hauntingly beautiful harmony.


I hope you enjoy this creepy, spooky music pack, and that it helps you celebrate Halloween in the best way possible!


For the music tracks, you'll see initials at the end of each of the track titles.  LoI is Lament of Innocence, CoD is Curse of Darkness, and KH is Kingdom Hearts.  There is only one track I used from Kingdom Hearts, and that's "This is Halloween."  I had several people ask me if I would use that track in my Halloween pack, and I told them I would try.  It didn't fit in the game with the other Castlevania music as the vibe of "This is Halloween" is very different from Castlevania's genosequa.  But for lobby music, it works.


The music I used for this Halloween Pack is as follows:


TITLE: Title “Prologue – LoI”

ADVR: Character Select “Prologue to the Black Abyss – LoI”

CHARA: Character Creation “Prologue – CoD”

CITY: Pioneer 2 “Ghostly Theater – LoI”

MEDICAL: Hospital “Garibaldi Courtyard – CoD”

SHOP: Stores “Rinaldo’s Cabin – LoI”

GUILD: Hunter’s Guild “Cordova Town – CoD”

SOUTOKU: Principal’s Office “Fog-Enshrouded Nightscape – LoI”

LABO: Lab “Despair – LoI”


Slbgm_forest: Forest 1 & 2 “The Forest of Jigramunt – CoD”

Slbgm_cave: Caves 1, 2, & 3 “Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab – LoI”

Slbgm_machine: Mines 1 & 2 “Eneomaos Machine Tower – CoD”

Slbgm_ancient: Ruins 1, 2, & 3 “House of Sacred Remains – LoI”

Slbgm_ruin: Temple Alpha / Beta “Abandoned Castle – CoD”

Slbgm_space: Spaceship Alpha / Beta “Lament of Innocence – Leon’s Theme – LoI”

Slbgm_seabed: Seabed 1 & 2 “Aiolon Ruins – CoD”


DRAGON: Dragon “Followers of Darkness – The Second – CoD”

DELO: De Rol Le “Elemental Tactician – LoI”

VOL_OPT1: Vol Opt phase 1 “Followers of Darkness – The Third – CoD”

VOL_OPT2: Vol Opt phase 2 “Legendary Belmont – CoD”

Slbgm_dark: Meadow before Falz “Statue Enchanted by the Darkness – LoI”

DARK1: Dark Falz phase 1 & 2 “Dark Night Toccata – LoI”

DARK2: Dark Falz phase 3 “A Toccata Into Blood Soaked Darkness – CoD”

DELO2: Barba Ray “Followers of Darkness – The First – CoD”

DRAGON2: Gol Dragon “Sone King Golem – LoI”

GRYPHON: Gal Gryphon “Melancholy Joachim – LoI”

PROTO1: Olga phase 1 “Prison of Eternal Torture – LoI”

HALL: Room before fighting Olga 2nd time “Dracula Appears – LoI”

PROTO2: Olga phase 2 “Snake Head Medusa – LoI”

Slbgm_boss9: St. Million “Bizarre Room – LoI”

Slbgm_boss9b: Shambertin / Kondrieu “Bizarre Room – LoI”

Special Events

T1: Rico Tyrel “Devil Forging – CoD”

T2: Heathcliff Flowen “Water Prison – LoI”

clear: Quest Completion “Bloodstained Demise – LoI”

ENDING_LOOP: After you kill Dark Falz “True to Your Dreams – CoD”

CUBE_ENDING_LOOP: After you kill Olga Flow “Endless Sorrow – CoD”

EP4_ENDING_LOOP: After you kill ep4 final boss “Joachim of the Clear Blue Riverside – LoI”

LOBBY: The game lobby “This is Halloween - KH”



**DISCLAIMER - As much as I would have liked to make music for the Jungle, Mountain, Seaside, CCA, Towers, Crater, Crater Interior, and the Subterranean Desert, the way the game is coded screws up the custom music for those areas at best, CRASHES IN A GIANT FIRE at worst, and the custom music just won't work for those areas. **  

If you would like my music pack - here's how you install it to change the music of PSO  

Open your UltimaPSOBB folder on your hard drive .... the default location for install is:




In your PSOBB folder you'll find a DATA folder, and in that DATA folder you'll find a folder called OGG.


*****MAKE A COPY OF THAT OGG FOLDER******* Rename the copy of the folder to something like Music Backup so if you ever want to go back to original PSO music, the files are there and untouched.  

Then, click this link for the music pack:   https://www.mediafire.com/file/sot79nvilln5xgr/Halloween_Music_PSO.zip/file

Download the Zipped folder of the Halloween Music PSO (there are 38 .ogg files plus one .pdf of the track listing) After you download the Zipped file, right-click it and say "EXTRACT HERE” This will decompress the folder and give you access to all the .ogg files inside.


Now, select all the .ogg files and copy them over into the OGG folder in the PSOBB directory.   When your computer asks if you would like to REPLACE all the files SAY YES!  

this will change the music of your game to the music listed above!  


If you would like me to make special music for you - just let me know - I'm always happy to help.  




PS:  I really hope you have your subwoofers hooked up, because there is A LOT and I mean A LOT OF BASS in this music pack, especially in the organ tracks!  ENJOY!

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