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4-Way PB Overhaul

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has been undergoing some massive updates in the past month or so. A lot of people have had input and have seen updates over that time. Pretty much EVERYTHING about the site has changed. This iteration of the site uses https://www.speedrun.com as a reference heavily and has many other changes from the old. If you're not familiar with what 4-Way PB is, it essentially is a record book of top time attack / speed run times for Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst on Ephinea / Unseen, Ultima, old Schthack, and then the GameCube version of the game as well.


In the past I have done nearly all the maintaining of times manually with some help from phelix. This will no longer be the case on the new site. Moving forward users may create an account, log in, and submit times with a simple form (https://imgur.com/Szm7zbh). From there the times will be validated (https://imgur.com/2xecutG) based on the proof submitted (video or image) by one of the "moderators" which include a handful of players: myself, mt, reason, plx, armand, shiida, spuz, and probably some others I may be forgetting.


This project is not complete by any means and truthfully is even missing some relevant content from the old site such as TEAMZ data among other things. As always feel free to point out any bugs or mistakes on the site. It will continue to be worked on to improve and add features. Special thanks to Soly as he does and did all the heavy lifting. I had little to no part in the programming side of things beyond design and basic level input on function.


Feel free to sign-up and start submitting your times (https://4waypb.com/auth/register/), one thing to note is that for now accounts are approved manually throughout the day so when you sign up expect some delay in account activation.


Change Log:

-Overall interface / design update

-User registration / login

-User submitted times

-Records page

                -Removed Episode column

                -Removed Team column (plans for something in its place)

                -PB / No-PB runs now have a column to denote via regular colored Twins icon and a mono-chrome version.

                -Rank now has a column to easily check the standings

                -Players / Class filter must now include any selections vs. any entry including any one of the selected values

                -Rules now live in their own page and have more detail (still being updated)

-Removed unrelated content such as the entire Miscellaneous section, some items under Concepts, and the Server tab.

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