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Trading items for PSO2 items.


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Looking to trade items for meseta on PSO2. Will even entertain trades for for gear on PSO2 on XBOX

Gamertag: Drinkbeer87

The trade would work like this. You let me know what item you want and I will start a trade on Ultima. I will have you buy something like a monomate for the price we agree on and have you buy it on PSO2 and I will complete the trade. I will continue to update the list when I can, just going to post things I feel people will be more interested in. If you're going to offer a trade I'm only looking for fully grinded 13* weapons with good augments or good Units.

Tsumikiri J-Sword 100/0/0/100/80   -50M

Arrest Needle 30/35/0/0/25               -15M

Ultima Reaper 30/80/0/0/70              -15M

Psycho Raven 0/45/15/50/0               -15M

Crush Cannon 0/0/0/0/30                   -10M

Sil Dragon Slayer 0/0/25/0/35             -10M

Slicer Of Vengeance  20/40/0/35/0     -5M

Inferno Girasole 25/0/0/0/0                   -5M

Sange & Yasha 0/0/35/0/35                  -3M

Astereon Striker 0/0/40/35/0                -3M

Frozen Shooter 0/0/0/35/40                 -1M

Dragon Slayer 0/0/0/40/40                   -1M

Rianov-2 0/0/0/0/60                               -1M

S-Red Blades 0/0/0/0/0                          -1M

Rico's Parasol 0/35/0/30/0                   -1M

Rico's Parasol 30/40/0/0/0                     -1M

Red Ring                                                    -15M

Cent/Battle                                                -15M

Cent/Ability                                                -5M

V502                                                            -5M

Smartlink                                                    -5M

Blue Black Stone                                       -5M

Magic Rock "Heart Key" x2

Star Ampflifier x4

Photon Drop x18                                       -2M for all 18

Mag: Sato 5/125/70/0                             -5M

Mag: Devil's Tail 5/135/60/0                   -5M



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