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Randomly Assorted Soundtrack Pack(RASP) Volume 1


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Hi, I've been playing around with the audio loops for the past few months and have come up with a custom OST pack for PSOBB.  I didn't do every track but I did most of the ones from Episode 1 and 2. The download link is here: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/68v7nezbej9s9/PSOBB_OST_Pack_Vol_1

Be sure to backup your originals before applying this to the original OGG folder. 

Here is also a list of the replaced tracks(also included in the download link). Hope you enjoy!:

ADVR - Fighting Force 64 ~ Fighter Select
CHARA - Virtua Fighter 4 EVO ~ Customization Theme
CITY - Mad World ~ Jefferson Island Map
CUBE_ENDING_LOOP - Street Fighter 3 Third Strike ~ Name Entry (3rd Strike)
DARK1 - The Last Story ~ Evil Beast
DARK2 - Tekken 5 ~ The Finalizer
DELO - Resident Evil Code Veronica ~ Here They Come
DELO2 - Galerians: Rion ~ Birdman Battle
DRAGON - Night Slashers ~ Chaser
DRAGON2 - Crypt Killer ~ High N-R-G Protection
DUEL1 - Tekken 5 ~ Unforgiven (with Background Crowd)
DUEL2 - Last Alert ~ Boss Theme
ENDING_LOOP - Street Fighter 3 New Generation ~ BPM 114 (Name Entry)
EPI1 - Vampire Hunter Darkstalker's Revenge ~ GALLON Winning
EPI2 - Street Fighter III Third Strike ~ Ending 1
GRYPHON - Beatdown Fist of Vengeance ~ D.O.A.
GUILD - Parasite Eve ~ Out Of Phase
HALL - House of the Dead 4 ~ Chaotic Order
LABO - Mega Man X2 ~ Stage Select 1
LOBBY - Super Mario Galaxy ~ Super Mario 2007 
MEDICAL - Bubblegum Crisis 2040 ~ Mood In Dub
PROTO1 - The King of Fighters '95 ~ Hal, Bass and Melody (Last Boss Stage 1)
PROTO2 - The King of Fighters '99 ~ Dear Falling Angel (Krizalid 2 Theme)
SHOP - House of the Dead 2 ~ Item Shop
slbgm_ancient - Lightning Returns ~ Altar of Light
slbgm_cave - 10,000 Bullets ~ Striking Distance
slbgm_dark - Mega Man Zero 3 Remastered ~ Return to Zero
slbgm_forest - Bomberman Hero ~ Redial
slbgm_machine - Shinobi(PS2) ~ Strange Device
slbgm_ruin - Lost Kingdoms ~ Rohbach
slbgm_seabed - Final Fantasy XIV ~ Rival Wings Astragalos Theme
slbgm_space - King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 ~ Enhanced Category X
SOUTOKU - Fatal Fury Arrange ~ Player Select
Title - Virtua Fighter 3 ~ For you
VOL_OPT1 - Haunting Ground ~ Ultimate Demento
VOL_OPT1 - Shadow Hearts ~ Sicking Fucking

P.S. Also included RAR file for all tracks just to make it easier than downloading them individually. Titled "RASP Vol 1"

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Oh shoot... I screwed up on that one. That was actually a holdover from when I was just practicing way back ago. I initially didn't like the original theme I choose for Caves so I made this one to replace it but then the theme I didn't like grew on me and I ended up saving that mystery theme for a future pack. I must've forgot to remove it from this current pack though which is why you see "NEXT" in the title. Anyway to close this long story the track is "Fear" from Tekken 4, it was from when I started doing loops months ago and I have to redo that one or something cause I listened to it the other day and the loop is definitely not seamless. I was still having issues looping back to the middle of a song at the time but I plan on either redoing it or choosing another track for Caves.

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It's been awhile but I'm back with another RASP; Volume 2 hits the interwebs today! I've looped and replaced several new tracks including the boss themes from Episode 4.

Here is the download link for this pack:  http://www.mediafire.com/folder/e9l19jnhf2993/PSOBB OST Pack Vol 2

And here are a list of tracks(also included in the TXT file:

ADVR - King of Fighters '95 ~ Demon Select
CHARA - Karnov's Revenge Fighters History Dynamite Arranged ~ Indomitable Spirit
CITY - Time Trax ~ Mission Briefing (60Hz)
CUBE_ENDING_LOOP - Fighting Force 64 ~ End Credits
DARK1 - Clock Tower 3 ~ Burroughs in Anger
DARK2 - Devil May Cry 2 ~ Ragnarok (The Despair Embodied Battle)
DELO - Rocket Knight Adventures ~ Versus Boss
DELO2 - Death by Degrees ~ Type J
DRAGON - Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles ~ Moon Fight
DRAGON2 - GunValkyrie ~ Plug In Monster
DUEL1 - Beatdown: Fist of Vengeance ~ Hammerlock
DUEL2 - Fighting Force 64 ~ Boss
ENDING_LOOP - Duane's Song
EP4_ENDING_LOOP - Blue Stinger ~ Merry Christmas
EPI1 - Vampire Savior 2: The Lord of the Vampire ~ Donovan Winning
EPI2 - Super Smash Bros. ~ Game Clear
GRYPHON - King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 ~ Native People of the Same Hole
GUILD - King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 ~ Super Excited
HALL - Resident Evil Remake ~ Lab Entrance
LABO - Megaman 4 Complete Works ~ Password Screen
LOBBY - Megaman Zero Remastered ~ Intermission
MEDICAL - Marvel VS Capcom 2 ~ Continue
PROTO1 - Viewtiful Joe 2 ~ True Heroes
PROTO2 - The Bouncer ~ Domnique Cross
SHOP - Janet Jackson ~ Got 'Til It's Gone(Instrumental)
slbgm_ancient - Tekken Tag Tournament ~ Unknown
slbgm_boss09 - Shadow Hearts ~ Blade
slbgm_boss09b - The Wonderful 101 ~ Vijounne, Fouth-Class Officer
slbgm_cave - Onechanbara Bikini Zombie Slayers ~ Death Rhapsody
slbgm_dark - House of the Dead 4 ~ Garden of Rotting Flowers
slbgm_forest - Megaman X4 ~ Web Spider(Jungle)
slbgm_machine - Devil May Cry 3 ~ Battle 1
slbgm_ruin - Kensei Sacred Fist ~ Spot
slbgm_seabed - Sega Rally 2 ~ MNF
slbgm_space - Sonic Adventure 2 Battle ~ Space Trip Steps (Meteor Herd)
SOUTOKU - Art of Fighting 2 Arranged ~ I Decided on this One (Player Select Theme)
Title - Tekken 3(Arcade) ~ Intro
VOL_OPT1 - Battle Mania Daiginjou ~ Ma Ha Ra Ja
VOL_OPT2 - Vanquish ~ Argus Battle

And just as before a RAR file is included as well as individual files.

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