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The HOTTEST event of Ultima is here



This event includes many things like:

  • Buffed up monsters to fight
  • Random 5x exp
  • Increased Rare monster appearances
  • Regular Event drops

Returning items

Hundred Souls

In celebration of:


This year we were really close to hit 200 users online at the same time. If that ever happens, maybe we can come up with another weapon :onion-head-hammer:

In the meantime three NEW items have been added to the event.




Drop details are unknown. Stats details: unknown but name of the items pretty much says it all.


Blood Sword

Forces can prove their effort was not in vein with the power of this weapon!


Not stopping for speed bumps when you are 110% faster with your attacks!

Trap Search

Not a droid? Can't see that evil trap on Path to Salvation? Fear no more! No need to use a frame specifically to see the traps! This unit is the solution for all your problems, with at the price of... well you have to hunt it.

Psycho Black crystal

A cursed crystal with an immense power, using it on a Master Raven will convert it into Psycho Ravens, a powerful weapon to curse your enemies with death!

The buffed monsters

The new genetically enhanced monster breeds are ready to remove the soul out of your body.

Brace yourselves for a good challenge.

Morfos Baranz



Event is active until July 8 2017

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