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windows 10 PsoBB.exe crashes on Windows 10


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This was working in Windows 7, then I updated to Windows 10.

First of all, the launcher shows 0 Players Online. When I Recheck Server Status, I get a message "No Connection Found" followed by several "Error Getting x."

Initially, I'm able to load the game, log in, and then download updates from the server. Afterwards, when launching the game from the launcher, the window appears for a moment and then crashes. I tried all of the settings from the Windows 10/Xbox One controller thread (changing color depth, resolution, etc.), I tried running online.exe and PsoBB.exe in Windows 7 compatibility mode, I deleted all of the game files (since the uninstaller doesn't work) and reinstalled, I updated my graphics card drivers, and I disabled Windows Firewall (no antivirus firewall running). Same issue.

Has anyone else run into problems getting the game to run in Windows 10? What did you do to fix it?

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You are welcome.

Can you tell me the page where you got it?
There are several links around but I don't know which ones still point to the 3.3 version.

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