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Ultima Christmas Event 2015


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smack a rappy smack a rappy
smack it all the way
oh what fun
it is to kill
the rappies every day, hey!

...oh you arrived to this topic, FINALLY! The last and most waited event of the year is here! Calm down... put the guns down... don't need to be so aggressive!!
Let's talk a bit about Christmas and this event, Santa had a huge bag of presents, but due to some explosion he lost them all over Ragol, he let me know that you were free to pick what you found if you can get to them, he also told me the beasts of Ragol thought the presents were for them and took possession of an infinity of rare presents! :onion129:
Sooooooo let's have a jolly holiday hunting those presents back, Santa left me a list of where the presents should be so i'll be sharing that info with you all!

Christmas is full of surprises here at Ultima

Special drops on bosses and St Rappy will be dropping The Mag ELENOR, many other mag cells and No0b HP!

St.Rappy can be found in the Temple (Episode2), it's a rappy with a 'Santa Claus dress'(I wonder where they stole that!)

Here is the drop list for the bosses.


  • Gal Gryphon Ultimate:
    • Special Drop:Tablet Mag cell / Heart of Morolian
  • BarbaRay Ultimate:
    • Special Drop: L&K38 Combat / Crazy Tune / Phonon Maser
  • Gol Dragon Ultimate:
    • Special Drop:**Earth Wand Brownie
  • Saint Million Ultimate:
    • Special Drop: ***Galatine
  • Shambertim[Point Of Disaster]:
    • Special Drop: Valkyrie
  • Kondrieu Ultimate:
    • Special Drop: ***Girasole.
  • Ragol Dragon Ultimate:
    • Special Drop: SONIC KNUCKLE / SOUL EATER
  • De Rol Le/Da Rai Le Ultimate:
    • Special Drop: HoneyComb Reflector.
  • Vol Opt v2 Ultimate:
  • Dark Fallz Ultimate:
    • Special Drop: Df Shield


  • Gal Gryphon V.hard:
    • Special Drop:Harisan Fan / Game Magazine
  • BarbaRay V.hard:
    • Special Drop: Amitie's Memo Mag cell - Puyo
  • Gol Dragon V.hard:
    • Special Drop:Murasame
  • Saint Million V.hard:
    • Special Drop: Rambling May
  • Shambertim[Point Of Disaster]:
    • Special Drop: Tension Blaster
  • Kondrieu V.Hard:
    • Special Drop: Toy Hammer / Kunai

      Ragol Dragon V.Hard:
  • Ragol Dragon V.Hard
    • Special Drop:Green ring / Syringue
  • De Rol Le/Da Rai Le V.hard:
    • Special Drop:Broom / Chameleon Scythe
  • Vol Opt v2 V.Hard
    • Special Drop: RA- MERGES Red/Yellow/Blue RING's (no red ring) All the dem merges! (not all ok?)
  • Dark Fallz V.Hard:
    • Special Drop:Daisy Chain

And the most awaited Item : Parasite Gen Flow

obviously Olga flow will be dropping it

Drops are not 1/1 so don't start posting that the items are not dropping if they don't drop after a few runs.

From the Easter event, use Proof of Sonic Team on Dark Bridge to make

Psycho Bridge!

ATP 395-600

ATA 65

HP +100

EVP -80

Tech boost

Rafoie 85% boost, Rabarta 95% boost , Razonde 85% boost (Psycho Wand is 45%)

From the Easter Event, use Proof of Sonic Team on Spread Needle to make Arrest Needle!

Ultima wishes you a

Merry Christmas And a Happy new Year!

¡Feliz Navidad y un Feliz Año Nuevo!

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