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Manga of the Day, 05-17-2015


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- Trash -

(Rated Mature - Not for kids!)

Just your average story about two high-school girls.... who also happen to be assassins for the mob. Called "Bullet & Francisca," one girl uses an overpowered air-gun with special bullets capable of blowing out opponents guts, and the other uses a special multi-material folding-axe to cleave a bloody path through her opponents.

Interesting fact: The author and artist do a good job at incorporating and portraying real-worlds handguns accurately. Ie. the Barretta M9G2 that Bullet uses, and the Walther P99 & COP 357. They even give an explanation of the guns at the end of some chapters.

>>Start reading here<<

Preview images found in spoiler - Not for kids! - Click images to enlarge.



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