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Manga of the Day, 03-13-2015


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Autophagy Regulation

This one is a quite new, but looks promising. No guarantees. This manga is one of action, supernatural, and some humor. New chapters released every Friday (Source of info: Archangel Scanlations).


Ryan is a Police cadet. While secretly tailing a criminal back to what he thinks is the criminal's hideout, he accidentally gains the ability to see another world of ghosts and other creatures, of which the existence he isn't prepared to accept, nor wants to deal with. He pursues dreams of justice, confronting the reality of his world.

ATTENTION: Because Chapter 2 wasn't named properly, it doesn't show up in the correct spot on the chapter list (ie. the list goes from Ch. 1 to Ch. 3, then to Ch.2). To ensure you haven't skipped it, select Chapter 2 from the drop-down menu after you've finished reading Chapter 1. See Spoller. Fixed


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