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  1. Just recently, my Windows 10 gaming PC had died. So, I decided to install PSOBB on my older Windows XP machine. For some reason, the launcher doesn't seem to apply the resolution settings correctly (though all of the other settings apply no problem), also Virtual Fullscreen doesn't seem to work (might just be a limitation). However, the biggest problem is that the game fails to load the DLL. I get "No DLL" in the bottom-left corner when the game is running instead of the proper "Ultima ver 0.13", and I cannot connect / log in to the server. Just sits waiting at "Connecting to the server, please wait...". I used to be able to play this in XP, so I don't know what happened. Does the DLL have any external dependencies? Like any specific Visual C++ Runtimes, or anything of the sort? EDIT: This is a fresh install too. Using the latest installer from the site. Running on Windows XP SP3, fully updated... and running .NET framework 4.0.3 as well. Dunno if that helps.
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