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  1. R-78

    Christmas Event 2018

    Ultima Christmas Event 2018 Santa Claus is late because he had a sleigh accident and he is so sorry… But he finally arrived! And with all the children’s promised toys! Unfortunately, he actually lost all of them on Ragol… and the monsters ate them. (That was on purpose but don’t say it!) Santa Claus knows the children of Ultima suffered enough from boss farming during the 10th Anniversary of Ultima, so this year do not rely too much on the old drop tables because… Christmas items will no longer come from bosses! (…Except the Parasitic Gene Flow, but do I really have to write this?) New Year Cards are no longer usable to add stats to weapons. They will have a different use than past year. Indi Belras are back to normal. Drop tables have been totally reworked. Everything can be found on Ultimate. Most can also be found on Very Hard but the rates are better on Ultimate. Remember the Parasitic Gene Flow is not an easy drop so do not expect Olga Flow to drop it in a couple runs. Here is Santa Claus’ loooong present list: Asteron Belt (ep 4) Chameleon Scythe (ep 4) Crazy Tune (ep 2) Daisy Chain (ep 4) Galatine (ep 4) Girasole (ep 2) Harisen Battle Fan (ep 1) Murasame (ep 1) Sonic Knuckle (ep 2) Soul Eater (ep 4) Toy Hammer (ep 2) L&K38 Combat (ep 1) Phonon Maser (ep 2) Rambling May (ep 1) Tension Blaster (ep 2) Broom (ep 1) Earth Wand Brownie (ep 1) Game Magazine (ep 1) Kunai (ep 1) Syringe (ep 1) Valkyrie (ep 4) Kroe’s Sweater (ep 1) DF Shield (ep 1) Honeycomb Reflector (ep 1) Foie Merge (ep 2) Barta Merge (ep 2) Zonde Merge (ep 2) Gifoie Merge (ep 2) Gibarta Merge (ep 2) Gizonde Merge (ep 2) Rafoie Merge (ep 2) Rabarta Merge (ep 2) Razonde Merge (ep 2) Red Merge (ep 1) Blue Merge (ep 1) Yellow Merge (ep 1) Green Ring (ep 4) Blue Ring (ep 4) Yellow Ring (ep 4) Amitie’s Memo (ep 2) Heart of Morolian (ep 1,2) Tablet (ep 1) New Year’s Card (ep 1,4) Parasitic Gene "Flow" (ep 2) Saint Rappies will drop Christmas Presents (If you see a Love Rappy, please let a GM know because they are not welcome here!) in which you can find many mag cells like the pretty Ashura cell that makes Elenor, and Noob… HEART CONTAINER!! Yeah, I said Heart Container Use Parasitic Gene Flow to make one of those famous weapons Dark Meteor Dark Bridge Dark Flow This event will conclude a year of joy and happiness on Ultima… but is also going to start a fresh new one and hopefully even better!!! Happy Hunting and Merry Christmas Everybody! Thanks to @FALC0N for the banner, you are really helpful!
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