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Found 2 results

  1. Slot 1 - 42117190 - Morpheus I was feeding a PPP Mag for HUcast, following this guide: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/27321-making-hucasts-centurionarms-mag/ step by step. When my two mags turned into a Rudra, I was using Antidotes to take defence down and Dimates to increase POW. Well I was in the same room for like 3 or 4 hours. When I left room, the DEF bar of my mag lots of blank space until it could gain another DEF point. They had like 3 and more than half-bar of DEF until it could reach the 4th DEF point. When I recharged blocks, my mag got the 4th DEF point, even knowing that the DEF was not close to gain level. I don't have a fresh picture when the mags were alright. It is currently Level 42, when I left room it was Level 41. But I have a picture of when it was Level 35. Well, I was feeding also mags in the same room and none besides these two got any problems. I believe the problem was caused because the client mag emulator isn't accurate. So I'm kindly asking for someone to fix both mags, take down the 1 DEF point it gained, I feed mags since I started on this server and it isn't the first time I see this thing happening. I would really appreciate
  2. Hi, Cyanide told me to report this bug here. I have a Bhirava MAG, currently at level 82. The weirdest thing happened about 2 days ago. I logged in to find my MAG gained 2 DEF, and lost 5 DEX (It was at 50). Not a huge bug, but it does affect the stats I wanted to give it. I am hoping you can fix it, or otherwise reset the DEF to 5. Thanks! G card: 42153486 Character slot 1. EDIT: I feed my MAG Sol Atomizers and Monomates.
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