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Found 6 results

  1. LmAx


    Closed, Thanks
  2. As the title says, I recently achieved 10k (/killcount 10011) kills on my Lame D'Argent, but the item in my inventory isn't giving me the option to "use" in order to unlock it. The only options are the normal ones (equip, drop, sort). Am I missing something? Do I need an item or something to help my situation? I have plenty of open space in my inventory... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! - RED
  3. If anyone still offers this service, I would really appreciate the help! The Lame I currently have is halfway done, so it's pretty easy for anyone with the proper means! (I don't have a Fo otherwise i'd do it myself :/) I can give a couple photon drops or maybe an item of interest. I can pay when the deed is done. Thanks for your time! I am happy to meet up anytime! - RED *buzz*
  4. PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE 1pd/2000 kills (if you want multiple things unsealed, we can work something out for cheaper) 1 weapon at a time and up to 3 Limiters at a time PM me with killcounts, please I will only be unsealing Thursday through Sunday nights between 11pm and 6am Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) (I have two jobs so please be patient if I don't have your items ready between Monday and Wednesday) My IGNs: Kezia (huney), anja (hucassy), BabyMegid (foney) My GCs: 42176156 (Kezia and anja), 42176331 (BabyMegid)
  5. Hi there, If there is any unsealer want to take this job, pm me pls! My limiter currently 3k/20k.
  6. Hello players from Ultima! Welcome to my unsealing service! What I Will Unseal + Prices: |Limiter > ADEPT| - 5 PD's |Lame D'argent > Excalibur| - 5 PD's |Swordsman Lore > Proof of Sword Saint| 5 PD's |Sealed J-Sword > Tsumikiri J-Sword| 8 PD's If you have kills on the item you want unsealed already, just let me know and we will alter the price Contact me through pm if you would like any of the items above unsealed. In a short 5 or so days I should have the item you wanted unsealed! (SJS may take a bit longer ) Souls Needed on Items: Limiter: 20,000 Souls Lame D'argent: 10,000 Souls Swordsman Lore: 20,000 Souls Sealed J-sword: 23,000 Souls
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