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Found 2 results

  1. ~ QUEST IS LIVE ~ The Tower of Dreams, legendary tower which is said to control the dreams of every living being, has been invaded by an army of monsters. They are trying to exterminate humanity by making everyone get into an eternal nightmare as soon as they sleep. Eliminate the evil and free humanity from the Endless Nightmares. Tower of Dreams 4 players highly recommended (average 4P run time : 60~90 minutes) Quest progress: 100.00% Release date: July 19th, 2019 This is my last quest of 2015-2020.
  2. I've been wanting to try this quest ever since I heard about it, but I know it's very difficult, and I wanted to make sure my characters were sufficiently leveled, and well equipped for it. My two high level characters right now are a FOmarl (lv.175) and a FOnewm (lv.173), they both have high level techs including level 30 support spells, and the equipment I have is: Psycho Wand Excalibur (45% hit) Mother Garb+ Hylian Shield Red Ring Three Seals Resta Merge Glide Divine Rico's Parasol Tyrell's Parasol Vivienne (45% hit) Bringer's Rifle (50% hit) Slicer Of Fanatic Rambling May Ultima Reaper Girasole Charged Gatling (50% hit) Charged Raygun (50% hit) Cent/Arms Adept Cent/Ability V101 V801 V502 SMARTLINK Cure/Units (any) Level 200 mind mags and pow+dex mags Stuff I use less often: Rainbow Baton (40% hit) Summit Moon Caduceus Hell Gatling (45% hit) Holy Ray PB/Increase I've never played the quest so I'm not exactly sure what to expect. Does it seem like I'm ready? What should I be hunting for? I've been trying to get SoF with hit recently, but I'm still working on that. Among what I have, what should I bring if I do try it, and with which class? I'll be on pso for almost all of tomorrow (Tuesday) so if anyone wants to try this quest with me that would be great thanks
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