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Found 3 results

  1. Started working on this project again. This new one is a little better. It doesn't read quests that were designed prior to PSOBB, so that's the next step. How to work it: Extract the executable to the folder with your quests. Run the executable Open the output.csv table that will hold all monster counts for all BB quests in that folder and subfolders. Smile. <---- required Download link: https://mega.nz/#!KVBGwKrZ!w0zDSY8-LE-VQVFAFbkLJpvejVntsx6Ubdm7_OmOmmA
  2. Description This easy tool for sure will make feeding a mag easier by providing you a list of resources required for each level of a mag so that you achieve the perfect mag you want. I have discussed this with several users and they acknowledged that it would be a great idea to help community members of newbies that are just starting to mag feed. How it works You type in the mag name you are trying to create. The tool will search for the mag in the DB and provide you a full resource list of requirements required to create the mag. It also provides you with the ID's required to make the mag. The tool provides the resources in order from level 1-200 As you can see down below. Preview Loading Screen http://imgur.com/DEMEaiv[/IMG] Mag Feeder Tool http://imgur.com/E8Lwt3k[/IMG] Download Coming Soon Change Logs: Coming Soon Notice: If you already are a veteran at making mags and think this tool is irrelevant please keep your comments to your self. Positivity is what keeps us going
  3. any tool out there except the dreamcast sdk conversion tools? topic says everything. would appreciate it since im trying to do that: example i allready resized the model with blender to make it fit, but i still need to add it as a .nj file. later i would put a skeleton in the model so it will move. i think it would be nice to Play as a booma or Even Olga Flow (that enemy is just an example)
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