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Found 4 results

  1. Short Version I've been playing for quite some time and am on Ultimate but cannot find any Grants disks. Long Version My character is a Pinkal FOmar. I'm currently at level 102 with 46 hours of play time and I have been playing on Ultimate recently. I have found every type of disk except Grants: every Simple, Normal, Hard, Heal and Support technique I already have. Except for Grants. I've heard that the Mines are good for finding it, so I did that for some time. I've heard that Ruins on Hard are good for it, so I did that for a while. I've heard that "later levels" such as Ruins and Seabed are good, so I tried both of those on different difficulties. I simply cannot find it. It's the only thing I'm missing, and it's making it difficult to continue because the Hilde*s in Ultimate are resistant to all but Light damage. I imagine even if I power through them, I will have similar problems with other creatures later. Am I missing something? Is my character/Section ID incapable of finding them? Is there a specific game mode I have to play on? Am I just unlucky? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. I've got lots for sale. "U" signifies an untekked item. Mags: 2x Lv 51 Kama 5/24/22/0 - 8 PDs each 10 PDs each: Sinow Berill's Arms 3 PDs each: FLAMBERGE 0/0/0/45|45 S-beat's Arms SANGE 0/20/0/20|25 DRAGON SLAYER 0/35/0/0|20 2 PDs each: Resta 30 1 PD each: Shifta 15 Resta 15 Deband 20 Deband 25 Jellen 26 Rabarta 27 Shifa 27 Jellen 27 Rabarta 28 Deband 28 Fire Railgun 15/0/0/0|50 WALS-MK2 0/0/25/0|35 JUSTY-23ST 25/0/0/0|0 L&K14 COMBAT 0/20/0/15|0 Gush Launcher +2 0/0/30/0|0 FROZEN SHOOTER +9 15/10/0/0|0 FROZEN SHOOTER 15/0/0/0|0 FROZEN SHOOTER 10/0/35/0|0 FROZEN SHOOTER 30/0/0/0|0 FROZEN SHOOTER 45/0/0/0|0 FROZEN SHOOTER 20/0/0/0|5 FROZEN SHOOTER U 5/0/30/0|0 FROZEN SHOOTER U 10/0/0/5|0 FROZEN SHOOTER U 20/0/5/10|0 FROZEN SHOOTER U 0/0/25/0|0 FROZEN SHOOTER U 15/0/0/0|0 FROZEN SHOOTER U 5/15/0/0|0 STORM WAND: INDRA 30/0/0/0|0 FIRE SCEPTER: AGNI 0/0/0/0|0 CLUB OF LACONIUM 0/15/0/0|0 MACE OF ADAMAN 0/0/25/0|0 MACE OF ADAMAN 0/0/0/15|0 SANGE x5 VJAYA 0/0/0/20|0 DRAGON SLAYER x3 Any two items for 1 PD: Gifoie 20 Jellen 24 Razonde 25 x2 Jellen 25 Gibarta 26 Gizonde 27 Gifoie 28 Razonde 28 LAST SURVIVOR x5 Hell Claymore +2 25/0/0/20|0 TALIS 0/0/25/0|0 WALS-MK2 20/25/30/0|0 God/Power x2 God/Arms Hildeblue's Head x2 Hildebear's Head Materials: 5 Mind : 1 PD I'm also willing to trade for Power Materials (5:1 PD value).
  3. Buying all lvl 29/30 simple techs - 2pd each normal techs- 3pd each hard techs - 4pd each megid/grants-5pd each support techs- 4pd each
  4. EDIT: Trading Luck Mats for 28 Grants, 28 Megid. If I get more PDs I can pay in those, but right now all I have are Luck Mats Post or PM if interested. Thanks!
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