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Found 3 results

  1. 1x Stellar Shard 15DT 2x Stellar Shard 14DT (each) 3x Stellar Shard 14DT (each) 4x Stellar Shard 13DT (each) 5x Stellar Shard 13DT (each) 6x Stellar Shard 12DT (each) 7x Stellar Shard 12DT (each) Selling too.. Samurai Armor 15DT Proof of Sonic Team 10DT Harmonic Resonance Core 8DT
  2. I'm looking to buy a Stellar Shard to upgrade my weapon. Willing to Trade DTs or anything else in my inventory you may want.
  3. All combines are now found. Need more info on the launcher and tech boost confirm on staff from someone who will test or a GM. Stellar Shard + Mille Marteaux = Mille Faucilles Desription:Sharpen your scythes to make them stronger than hammers... +50atp +30dfp +65mst +65ata heaven punishment special, max grind+250 Stellar Shard + Guilty Light = Outlaw Star Launcher. Piercing Hell. Stellar Shard + Twinkle Star = Quasar Staff (Skin seems exactly the same as Twinkle Star) +400ATP +80MST +40ATA Legendary staff of the heaven's. Rumoured to draw photon power from the stars that shine brightest in the sky. Rafoie +100%? Barta (Stronger than Glide Divine V0.0 but no idea how much) Gizonde (Unsure needs more testing) Special: Arrest? Brightness circle + Stellar Shard= Neutron Skin. Req: 130 MST: 137 DFP: 300 EVP:52 ETH 15 EDK30 ELT 40
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