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Found 3 results

  1. I have an Xbox One controller hooked up through USB. Using Windows 10 Pro, 64bit. The controller is detected in windows 10 and all the buttons/sticks are responsive in the device properties. The problem is when I get into the game, the controller just doesn't work with one exception: prior to selecting my character and landing on the ship, I have limited functionality. When I am in the opening screen (just after launching) I can use the A button (button 1) to skip to login like normal. When I get to the login dialog itself, I have to use the keyboard again and the controller will not work to select different options. Then after I've put in my password/sn, I can again use the controller to make my character selection... proving that the joystick and d-pad works fine. BUT after I've selected my character and the square dialog box pops up in the right (that asks if I want to confirm my selection or change outfits etc) my controller cannot be used to make any selections here or to even select confirm. So I go back to keyboard. Then after loading and getting into the ship/lobby all controller functionality is gone. What's going on here and how do I fix this? Thanks.
  2. hello, my friwens it is me as james love above i am trying to ask the people of ultima, if my friends account are being logged . have they logged and who is stilla round. as a veteran i am playing on the be have of my entire life which was spnt grinding on this game day in and day out. iwas tuff at luck mangaed to find my rares here in there along with good friends who made cheap exchanges to help each other out we would grind and party up. i have even heard of challenges, this i want to build, looking for quick runs and schedule events, i lick at happy hour as a time to go for lower ranked stuff, the rates are oddly combined which make me think ito woula would be best for back packing. a huge future in this way of life. some people i am looking to ajoin on a adventa it can be the ultimate walk in the park . we could get some hanime downs. set indiv were able to provide me with my grind gear and even my computers where i use multiple characters on lone wolf farms. just reachen out enjoy the holidays, i speak espana en to prove work and gain asset
  3. I'm new to the game. I played it back when it was on the original XBOX console and remember it coming out on the Dreamcast, but never bought it on the Sega. Anyway, I notice that on the keyboard you press the "right arrow" key to heal yourself, with a "moonamate" I believe. For some reason I no longer have it equipped in that area. How can I equip it again? I want to equip that in my single button commands. Otherwise, I am going to be losing like I have been doing tonight. How do I equip whatever I want?
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